Some of my favourite people is singer and piano wizard Kendall Partington, whom I chatted with when he released his album Milestones (link). Also, some of my most favourite people is André Proulx, from BlackSwan Events in Ottawa, whom while I never met in person, we have been Facebook friends for a while, and always loved his energy and creativity in the events he puts together for our community in Ottawa.

So, when I heard that the two of them are teaming up to present Cabatinée, a show that will be part of Winter Pride Ottawa, I was excited to reach out to the two of them.

Andre, what is a Cabatinée (loving the name by the way)?

Thank you. Cabatinée is a mash of 2 words (Cabaret & Matinée) and it is used to describe my events that happen in earlier times of the evening. Most shows are late at night…I like to have them from 4pm to 9pm to give people time to enjoy their evening. It includes live singers and Drag King’s and Queen’s.

Why did you invite Kendall to be part of this? I mean I know why, the guy is hugely talented lol.

Kendall and I have been performing together since 2003 and took vocal lesions together. I first met him when I was manager of Trax V where he would perform at the front piano bar. Kendall is the perfect performer to bring some of the east coast party atmosphere here to Ottawa for his second time here.

Other than Kendall’s performance, what else are we to expect at the event?

Friday evening we will join the regular Soirée de Karaoke au Petit Chicago on Portage St in old Hull, Saturday am we will have a rainbow skate on the world’s largest skating rink starting at Dow’s Lake at 11am and make our way to the Rideau centre where we will be at the Bourbon Room for 4pm to have the Cabatinée closing party featuring Kendall and local performers.

Tell us a bit about BlackSwan Events, beautiful name by the way, how long have you been doing this, and what do you guys do?

Contrary to popular belief, event coordinators are not just for the rich & famous! We work with individuals who lead busy lives with little or no time to spare on all the little details that will make your event memorable. Because we have specialized in events since 2006, we only recommend reputable venues & suppliers who we have worked with time & time again due to their dedication & excellence. Definition of a Black Swan: A “Black Swan” is a very surprising and unexpected event that often has a profound benefit or consequence.

How about you Kendall, is your first time performing in Ottawa, and are you excited?

This isn’t the first time in Ottawa, I have played there a few times before but all of them were arranged by AJ as a matter of fact. lol.
I had talked to AJ around the holidays about how good it would be to do another event in Ottawa and I have more freedom now to get around more and he made it happen quickly!

What will you be playing?

Other then some definite amount of material from my CD, it’s going to be still open to ideas. We have one surprise special guest coming up out of the audience for a song & I might find a special duet to throw in for Andre and I for sure though.

The Bourbon Room at 400a Dalhousie Street
February 17, 2018 at 4p.m.


Make sure to check out other events taking place as part of the festival:

Cabatinée Soirée de Karaoke au Petit Chic and Cabatinée Colours of the Rainbow Skate on the Rideau Canal.

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