Some of My Most Favourite funny people is Chantel Marostica. They were part of a comedy special episode of our talk show “On the Couch” last season, people were telling me beforehand how great Chantel is, and I fell in love instantaneously. They had me in stitches with the stand up bit they did on our show. Recently I heard they are doing a comedy album. 

Chantel, how exciting is this (doing an album)?

More exciting than when they released the Golden Girls DVD Box Set IN SOPHIA’S GD PURSE!?! I’m over the moon, I’ve wanted to record an album for so long, and it feels like exactly the right time. I’m just so excited to hold 10 years of hard work in my hand! As I did when opening my Golden Girls DVD Box Set IN SOPHIA’S GD PURSE.

Why a comedy album, why now?

I’ve been working as a comedian for over 10 years, you eventually want to make markers for yourself. I owe it to myself and my fans to put out something dope, and also this is just such an immensely important time in my life right now. Important in my career, and also important in my personal life. Having come out as Non-Binary and being so close to having top surgery, I’m on the brink of some huge changes, this is the perfect time to create a huge landmark moment for myself. This album will be like a window for me to remind me where I was at this time of my life and career.

When, where, is it open to the public, give us all the lovely details?

I’m hoping for a summer 2018 release date, May is the album cover shoot, so everything should be edited and ready to go by then! If it all comes together perfectly July/August 2018 “The Chantel Show” will be available for download/purchase! Yes it is open to the public to attend the recording, it will be at the Comedy Bar, and I hope to see many of you there.

What is funny, where does comedy come from?

I think that’s a tricky question, because really everything is funny, depending on what lens you’re putting on it. Laughter is such a beautiful way to heal, so I feel like even our worst experiences can be made funny. Depends on how we want to express it, or when we’re ready to laugh and make light about certain things. Comedy comes from our own individual lived experiences, and how we react to the world around us. It’s all about how we deal with those experiences, and how we frame them. So, I think really, comedy comes from within, and that we have the power to make anything and everything funny, as long as we’re respecting ourselves, and also being sensitive to the experiences and realities of the people around us. In short: Try to take things lightly, also, try not to be a dick.

Is it going to be PG or Adult Supervision kind of album?

It should be pretty PG. I talk about a lot of varying subject matter, light dark and everything in between, but I approach most things in a positive, fun way, and I don’t really swear a lot, so unless my cover art is SCANDALOUS… it should be pretty PG…

I see that you have stunning backup for the show, Just for Laughs, Winnipeg and Halifax Comedy Festivals, etc, I am very proud of you. This is a great step forward?

Working as a comic in so many different cities, on so many different comedy scenes, in festivals, clubs, pride’s and so on has prepared me for basically anything. I’m so grateful for every opportunity I’ve had, and every credit I’ve accumulated across the years, but this show, recording my album is unlike anything else. It’s mine. It my material, my voice, my show. I can’t wait to be able to hand my mom and dad a copy and just know that it’s out there. Saturday is going to be such a huge monumental day for me, and for my career. I’m so GD excited.

Thank you Chantel and all the best. BUZZies, here is the info to get tickets:

CHANTEL MAROSTICA LIVE ALBUM RECORDING : Toronto • March 31st • Comedy Bar • 9/11pm • 10$ •

Tickets – 9PM

Tickets – 11PM

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