You’ve invited to the launch of the third annual Myseum Intersections festival. This year’s festival includes 23 projects that explore intersectionality in Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, workshops, and tours.

06 Mar 2018
Myseum Intersections: Launch Party
Don’t miss your chance to mix and mingle with the artists and curators behind this year’s 23 Myseum Intersections projects.

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07 Mar 2018
The Ward Uncovered
Despite its derelict housing, crime and vice, generations of residents built The Ward into a vibrant downtown hub for immigrants, as well as for African Americans fleeing slavery.

07 Mar 2018
Due North
What is it like to navigate a foreign community as a newcomer? Charting a new course requires more than just learning English.

07 Mar 2018
Focus On Our Elders
Through photography and interviews, this project documents Toronto’s diverse community of elder citizens.

08 Mar 2018
Life in Flight
Through photography, video, installation and performance, artists unfold the passing of time by sharing their past.

08 Mar 2018
Jeanne B 93′
Gender oppression, sex work, and animal welfare intersect in surprising and affecting ways in this exhibition focused on transsexual artist/activist Mirha-Soleil Ross.

08 Mar 2018
Escondidos No More!
Escondidos No More! traces the history of the coming out of the Latinx LGBTQ community in Toronto.

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About Myseum Intersections:

Myseum Intersections is a festival that explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through free collaborative exhibitions, events, workshops, and tours. This year’s theme, Arrivals & Departures, explores Toronto’s many communities, cultures, and characters, and highlights how different perspectives converge to create multiple visions of our city’s past, present and future. What does it mean to have “arrived” in Toronto? How is this city simultaneously a place of arrival, and a point of departure for new destinations, ideas, or experiences? We encourage you to join us as we unpack the narratives of this place we all call home.

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