I met Cory at several different community functions and gatherings. He’s one of those people who light up the room when he steps in, always smiling, always friendly. Most of those events were business related, so when I heard that Cory also sings, and about to release an album. I had to have a chat with him and find out more.

Congratulations Cory, very exciting, so this is your big debut album?

It is! I’ve been writing music since about 7 years old, but recently decided to actually take the plunge and put together a small EP to test the waters. I grew up training with the Royal Conservatory, and have always had a huge passion for music — the time just seemed right to do this now, before I get too long in the tooth.

I hear it’s a dance album? (Good, that’s my favourite lol)

I wouldn’t be doing my community any justice without releasing dance music, now would I? Haha. Yes, I’m heavily inspired by artists such as Troye Sivan, The Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Ansel Elgort and musicals including my latest obsession ‘The Greatest Showman’ and my lifelong obsession, ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

From reading about some of the songs, it feels that there are some are very personal to you. Give us a little run down of the tracks?

This album is a collection of 3 songs: the lead single, ‘7 Different Sides’, ‘I Wouldn’t Want Me Either’ and ‘My Gay Heart’. 7 Different Sides is about the many different sides of ourselves that we reveal in relationships; whether in love, family, friends or workplace, and how we manage them in our day-to-day lives. ‘I Wouldn’t Want Me Either’, which undoubtedly is a REALLY depressing title, is actually the danciest track on the album, and was inspired after meeting a boy on the beach last summer and eventually getting rejected — something we all can relate to, right? ‘My Gay Heart’ brings more positive vibes, acting as an acoustic guitar/electro-charged LGBTQ+ empowerment anthem, exploring both societal pressures to ‘fit in’, as many face when defining their identity, and learning to love your background and orientation.

Any exciting collaborations on the album?

I have been thrilled with the opportunity to work with JUNO winner Gavin Bradley on all 3 tracks of the album. Gavin has been instrumental in making this music come to life, and has an impressive track record, working with artists like Kylie Minogue, Tori Amos, Serena Ryder, Esthero, Nelly Furtado and JackSoul.

I also hear you have been getting some mentorship and advise from my good friend and favourite artist, Simone Denny?

WHO DOESN’T ADORE SIMONE DENNY?! Simone has been an absolute delight and dear friend during this whole process, talking me through the process of getting the album made, pointing me in Gavin’s direction, and being a general support system. She has been so generous with her time and is constantly providing me with amazing advice. I am truly thankful to have such an amazing mentor and resource by my side.

We can find the album everywhere is that correct?

You can! The EP is available for purchase on all major music platforms beginning April 10, 2018, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet, Shazam, Napster. ‘7 Different Sides’ the single has also just started receiving Canadian radio play, so keep those dials tuned in!

I also have some exciting performance dates coming up this summer, so for more information please feel free to visit my website.

Thank you for chatting with us Cory and all the best. 

About the Author

Antoine has on numerous occasions said that everything he does is "a love letter to the LGBTQ community". and he truly loves this community. A 29 years' media and marketing leader, Antoine is the publisher of theBUZZ, The Pink Pages Directory, PinkPlayMags, and a magazine for Durham Region families The Local Biz Magazine, and is the host of talk show "On the Couch". On his off time he is usually involved in community organizations and causes.