The House of Filth Family Showcase, is this collective’s longest standing family tradition, and the whole gang (bang) returns this Pride week with a very special guest. That’s right, the delectably deportable kiwi krusader Judy Virago, returns to take her seat at the head of the table. So bring your button eyes children, she’s here to sew the family back together at a reunion quite unlike any other. 

For those unfamiliar with The House of Filth, these radical misfits ruled Toronto’s Queer West Village for the past half decade. Primarily causing havoc at the legendary Beaver Cafe on Queen Street, they were also welcomed to unsuspecting souls at Pride Toronto’s Alterna-Queer stage, and several other Church Street venues and parties. For those who attended any of these shenanigans, we salute you! For those who never have, we invite you to step inside The House, close the door, submit to your wildest dreams, and enjoy the years of therapy that follows!

Featuring performances from sisters, brothers, grandchildren, cousins and lovers:
Allysin Chaynes
Nancy Bocock
Dottie Dangerfield
Champagna Enemea
Maximum Capacity
Mathew Muir 
Taylor Kristan
Łady Kunterpunt
Jupiter Darling
Aura Nova
Dolly Berlin
Tanya Cheex
Matty Scarlett BoBo
Hugh Barbie Wallace
Justin Toast Gray
Lucinda Miu

DJs Aeryn Pfaff and Boy Pussy pumping family friendly filth into your ears all night long.
With your hostesses, the mothers themselves, IGBY LIZZARD & JUDY VIRAGO.

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