Canadian singer and songwriter, Goldilox, elevates the music scene with her newest album titled, “Very Best”. The highly-anticipated disco album drops on July 31st, 2018 on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. With over 47,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Goldilox has quickly become an international music sensation.

Her musical journey continues with the release of her new album,“Very Best”, that embodies the disco genre, a style that truly grasps Goldilox’s vocal talent and heightens the album’s overall energy. The album features seven new, crowd-pleasing tracks from Goldilox, including the album’s first single, “I Love You” which was released earlier this month. “Very Best” is an album that will certainly stay on repeat all summer long.

Born in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and spending her early years embracing the Canadian art scene, Goldilox is the perfect example of a Canadian music success story. From crafting songs on the piano, recording tracks in the studio, and stitching her art into videos, she was able to put her entrepreneurial and creative drive to work.

After the start of her career in Vancouver, the demand for Goldilox’s music took her to Los Angeles, and finally to her current home, Paris, France. “I want to be around inspiration, and what inspires me right now is being here in Paris. Here, uniqueness is encouraged. You have to go where you can grow. I feel like I’m a student in Paris, I am taking all its magic in and it’s coming out not only into my music, but in everything I do”.

Beyond the music scene, Goldilox has also immersed herself into the Fashion Industry, working with several high-profile designers, including Diesel Black Gold, H&M, John Galliano to name just a few, as well as photographers, and various high profile events. Most notably, she was styled by Diletta Bonaiuti in Milan for Luisaviaroma, which was featured in Rolling Stone. Her upward trajectory into the fashion industry seemingly compliments her rise in music, and illustrates her desire to flourish.

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