PORCUPINE LAKE is a female-driven coming-of-age festival darling from award-winning writer/director Ingrid Veninger. This touching drama is truly a coming-of-age film for our generation, bringing two young girls to the forefront as they spend a summer together, sharing secrets, having adventures, and becoming more than best friends. Ultimately,  this story invites us to imagine a new model for a young girl’s first love story — one told from the inside out.

Two 13-year-old girls meet up early summer in Port Severn, a small town in Ontario, and become more than best friends. They share personal secrets, fears, grievances, and daredevil challenges. By the end of the summer, Bea and Kate have irrevocably influenced each other, and the course of their lives have changed in ways they can’t yet foresee. Inventive and daring, Veninger explores the vulnerability of being thirteen with insight and humor. Through an intimate and authentic portrait of Bea’s awakening into selfhood.

CAST: Charlotte Salisbury, Lucinda Armstrong Hall, Delphine Roussel, Christopher Bolton, Hallie Switzer, Harrison Tanner

DIRECTOR: Ingrid Veninger

Filmmaker Ingrid Veninger is available for interviews and editorials.

Breaking Glass Pictures will release the tender, female centric coming-of-age drama PORCUPINE LAKE on DVD/VOD August 14, 2018.

MY LIFE WITH JAMES DEAN is a tribute to cinema that follows filmmaker Gerald Champreux as he is invited to present his film in Normandy. Little does he know that this town at the end of the Earth will change his life forever.

Invited to present his first feature film My Life With James Dean in Normandy, the young director Giraud Champreux has no idea this film tour is about to change his life. From wild stampedes to woeful screenings, from trawler trips to drunken evenings, Giraud ends up finding inspiration in an unlikely town at the end of the Earth.

CAST: Johnny Rasse, Mickael Pelissier, Nathalie Richard, Juliette Damiens

DIRECTOR: Dominique Choisy

Breaking Glass Pictures will release the LGBTQ-themed tribute to cinema MY LIFE WITH JAMES DEAN on DVD/VOD August 28, 2018.

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