Today marks the exciting release of the single “Break the Silence” by Velvet Code, from his new album titled “Dreams and Nightmares”.

Velvet Code is a Canadian electropop artist, known for his heavy 80’s musical influences and addictive dance floor tracks. A fixture on the Billboard, Dance and Club charts, the award-winning musician released his debut album ‘Black.Blue.Blind.’ in 2007. ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ is due to be released this fall.

No stranger to main-stream media, Velvet Code has been praised by the likes of Perez Hilton, Pop Justice, and Digital Spy (among many others), and has toured with popular electropunk band Mindless Self Indulgence. When writing his debut album “Black.Blue.Blind”, Velvet worked with legendary producer Mark Saunders (Shiny Toy Guns, Erasure, The Cure) and received the “Dance/Electronica – Song of the Year” award for his song “Say You Love Me” at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards.

In 2013, Velvet released “Get Outta My House”, which appeared on the Billboard Dance music charts for 15 weeks and peaked at #19. The single also spent 10 weeks on the UK Music Week Upfront Club Charts where it peaked at #3. Since 2013, Velvet has spent his time working on his follow up to “Black.Blue.Blind”, while also writing songs for other prominent artists.

I was excited to chat with Velvet about the single and the upcoming album.

Tell us about “Break the Silence”, it is very personal to you, what influenced the single?

When I was a kid, I struggled with issues of anxiety and depression, and I was fortunate to have access to music as a way to work through, deflect, whatever I could do to alleviate those issues. I still struggle today with mental health issues, as many do, and I felt like it was time to break the silence on some of these issues. My hope is that “Break The Silence” helps people relate a bit, but ultimately, to let go of those issues, even for a moment, to dance and enjoy music.

Are we to expect the same direction on the rest of the album?

The album is diverse to say the least. Most of my tracks cross over into multiple genres, and the way I perceive genres is different. I have influences from EDM, Trance, House, Electro and Pop. It’s evolving as things change in this world so stay tuned!
I hear you collaborated with an industry legend on this?

Wendy Starland (discovered and developed Lady Gaga) is my songwriting rock. She and I have collaborated before on previous material, and it has been an honour to work with her again. I remember when we were in New York and she told me to look out for an artist named Lady Gaga, and none of us knew who that was at the time. What a time that was.

Mental health issues are a serious problem, particularly in the LGBTQ community. You try to help others suffering with mental health in your music. When did you realize that music is what you want to do?

When I was a kid, the gift of making music was something I knew I was given, and over the years, I realized this was what I was here for – to be a positive influence in whatever way I could be through music. Whether it is changing someone’s outlook for a brief moment or a longer period of time, that is my hope. I am humbled to have the opportunity to reach people through music. I don’t want to ever take that for granted.

I was doing an interview yesterday with a Canadian multi JUNO award winning artist, and we mused for a bit about how powerful music is, and how it is one of those things that breaks barriers and brings people together. Why do you think that is?

Music is a universal language that we can all relate to. It is the language of emotion, a gift that we all have. If we use that gift together for positive change, we can all make a difference. I try and do that through music, but others can do the same through their own voice, whether it is art, politics, general labour, raising a family etc. We all have passions. Those passions can be our voice.

Check out Break the Silence HERE 

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