Legends of Horror is an immersive theatrical interpretation of all of the classic horror figures, as guests make their way through a one hour, 2-km self-guided walking tour commencing in the lower gardens of Casa Loma and winding its way through Casa Loma’s darkest tunnels and spaces never before open to the public. 

This immersive theatrical event attracted 65,000 horror and Halloween fans last year alone. This year, for the first time ever, Legends of Horror features the Vampires Circus Cabaret – think of a haunted Cirque du Soleil as envisaged by Tim Burton. The popular Old Victorian House, featuring over 50 ghastly animatronic ghosts, ghouls and massacre victims, is now open for those who are brave enough to enter. 

Think of this more as a Fun House, than a Haunted House. Although all the spooks are there, it’s more the magical feel and looks of the entire walk that creates the atmosphere of fun. There are dark tunnels, quirky mirrors, and plenty of ghouls and goblins. There’s also a lounge set up midway through, where patrons can grab a beverage and snack, before ending up back in the main Castle.

Throughout the entire experience, the audience is immersed in a variety of theatrically designed sets in gardens and chambers below the castle. Each of these introduces characters in the environmental theatre, in which the physical location, rather than being a traditional playhouse, creates the actual setting. The traditional set change does not exist but is created by having the audience move on to the next scene. A crescendo of the production is the 3D projection on the exterior of the castle, which brings the characters of the storyline, and the walls of the castle to life.

The theatrical action incorporates the most recognized characters of the horror genre immersed in their associated environments. These characters are brought to life by over 70 actors and feature beautifully created sets and vignettes from Dracula rising from his crypt, to the Creature from the Black Lagoon slithering in the swamp, the Phantom of the Opera with his captive in the bowels of the boiler room and a final tribute to one of the greatest monsters of all time; celebrating the 200 anniversary of its creation. The production leads its audience on a  macabre chase for love and immortality.

Legends of Horror is set on the 5-acre grounds of Casa Loma, in the depths of its 90,000 square foot structure. The audience is given no programme, and there is no speaking from either the actors or audience. The actors and their environment all adopt the dress, decor, and aesthetic style of the classic horror novels, inspired by the shadowy and anxious atmosphere of film noir.

The event runs until October 31st at Casa Loma (1 Austin Terrace, Toronto)


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