When a couple decide to spend their summer vacation in a small town on the coast of Portugal, they had no idea that they would be faced with a dark mystery that would lead to seduction and betrayal. MAR is a dramatic love story and thriller set in Peniche, Portugal. It’s main characters Xavier (Lourence Serura), and Eduardo (Joao Santos Silva) visit a childhood friend Cristovao (Diogo Tavares) who carries a dark secret that only his mother (Sylvie Rocha) knows. As the film progresses, sexual tensions arise until a shocking secret is revealed, sealing someone’s fate for eternity.

William Vitória ( Director) lived a portion of his youth in Portugal where he spent much of his time by the sea. For this film, William wanted to capture the breathtaking scenery of the coast juxtaposed by images inspired by his fascination for the macabre. Mar also presented a unique opportunity for William to pull from his own experiences to inject some of his personality into each of his characters. This is the perfect amount of art, talent, scenic views and dark twist we should have grown up with!

Mar screens at the Carlton Cinemas, 20 Carlton St, Toronto – Oct 17, 2018, 7PM

Tickets $12, Part of Short-Film MARathon, screening with, Farm is a four-letter word word by Ryan Couldrey, and Dear Bear by Peter Conrad

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William Vitoria is a director, writer, editor and set designer from Toronto. He lived 14 years in his parent’s native grounds of Portugal where he found a passion for creating short films, based off the lands, culture, history and coasts of Portugal, adding in a little Canadian spunk to his films. After 14 years of living the coastal Portuguese lifestyle, in 2012 William received the news that he would be moving back to Toronto. So with great spite and hesitation, he embarked on another transition in life embracing the newly found changes to which he adapted pretty well. Williams’s transition lead him into pursuing his old passion of film, by attending the Toronto Film School, studying Film Production. While pursuing his education, William worked on many films in school. Since completion of his course William has taken on works such as filming a short fashion commercial for designer Patrick Salonga, which was showcased at TOM Fashion Week, along with filming his trips around the world, a short film, The Void, selected at Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), Fashion Film for the collection MEÜS by Sofia Contreras a fashion designer from Guatemala presented in London, UK, and recently Mar, a short film that won an Award of Distinction by Canada Shorts Film Festival, was selected at Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was shown in Canada, Portugal, Brazil,Spain, Guatemala and Panama. 

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