On November 30th, slip into Revry’s first original reality series “PUTTING ON” which follows Israeli born model, actor, entrepreneur and Instagram influencer, On Mekahel, as he prepares to debut his underwear brand, M.O. Underwear, with his ex-boyfriend.

PUTTING ON combines the fashion ingenuity of Project Runway, the glamour of America’s Next Top Model, and the romantic exploits of Sex and The City. It’s fashion, drama, and beautiful young people, seen through the ups and downs of a millennial C.E.O. as he builds an underwear empire within the bustle of the unforgiving Big Apple. The city can make or break you, but lucky for On, he’s flexible. Follow On Mekahal’s journey from former underwear model to creator of an A-list level fashion brand. This Revry Original Series highlights the real-life relationships and struggles of staying afloat as a model and designer. More importantly, it explores learning how to maintain your status once you finally make a splash in the cut-throat fashion industry.  

Season One of the IGTV reality series follows On’s journey of building his brand with his ex, dealing with manufacturing errors while navigating conflicting deadlines, a final product photo shoot, broken promises and the struggle of managing personal relations. 

“I am really excited about sharing this part of my life and the opportunity to be featured on Revry,” says On.  “It has been and still is a wild ride starting a business from the ground up.  I hope that what people will take away from the show is that chasing dreams really gives meaning to life. With passion and determination the opportunities that we create for ourselves are endless, and I wanted to show that even in a ‘hook-up obsessed subculture’, gay men can still fulfill relationship goals.”

Revry’s CEO, Damian Pelliccione shares that “Revry is so excited to release PUTTING ON as our first reality series and on IGTV. The unique circumstances that brought On to our team were what made us love the series instantly. The idea was so fresh and true to life, going into business with an ex. It’s funny, sexy, and a perfect binge-worthy reality drama.”

“When I first met On Mekahel, I knew I had to create a series around his life,” says Colby Cote (Creator/Executive Producer at Visionary Studios). “His career and social life is fascinating, it’s a mix of indulgence and passion. You can find him at night hanging with celebrities and attending exclusive parties but during the day, you will see him hustling the town building his fashion and beauty empire.  He merges his business and personal life in a way that is both dramatic and inspiring. It really is fascinating to watch and I look forward to sharing his life with everyone.”  

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On Mekahel is an Israeli born model/actor and social media influencer, boasting an impressive half million followers on Instagram alone.  With a resume that spans the course of a decade, he began modeling at the age of 14.  In 2014, On became an international citizen, moving to New York City to further his career and to attend acting school at Lee Strasburg Theatre and Film Institute.

Upon graduating from acting school in 2017, On appeared in television shows on networks such as HBO, Starz and NBC.  His silver screen debut will be that of Oceans 8, set to be released in June of this year.  Not only can he be seen portraying characters in film and TV, he also stars in the Revry Original Series “Putting On,” a reality show following On and the creation of his empire.

Staying true to his modeling roots while in New York City, On kicked his career into overdrive, having been featured in ad campaigns by some of the largest global companies, from Gap to H&M, Nike, Adidas and Puma.  Additionally, he can be spotted around the world at some of the most sought after industry events with the likes of Naomi Campbell, his friend and associate, whom he works with as the social media director of her charity, Fashion For Relief.

Since relocating to the US, On Mekahel has further diversified his brand and business ventures, beginning with the creation of his underwear company, MO Underwear in 2016.  This particular project has consumed a great deal of his efforts, with the launch and assembly of the underwear line itself, as well as the marketing and publicity that surround it.  On spared little expense and left no details untouched, investing half a million dollars into this endeavor.  He enlisted the help of some of his top model friends such as Jasmine Sanders aka Golden Barbie and Alessio Pozzi for the company’s marketing photo spread.  MO Underwear appeared in publications including, but not limited to Vogue, Nylon Magazine, and New York Times.  In 2018, MO Underwear brings its second year of production and joins the global market, landing in stores across Israel, Europe, and the Middle East.

Finding little time for rest, On is currently preparing for his introduction into the fragrance world.  This is quite a personal experience, as he is the sole creator and proprietor of this original scent.  Set for release in the early Summer of 2018 in New York, London, and Israel, “ON N.25” embodies the elegant yet subtle nature of the designer and his brand.  Teaming up with Bravo TV reality star and businesswoman Lisa Vanderpump and her non-profit organization Vanderpump Dogs, a portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated directly to the foundation and its cause to end canine abuse worldwide.

With 2018 in full swing, this is the year that everyone will be tuned in and turned on by the man and the brand that is On Mekahel.    

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