Jade Elektra (DJ and activist Alphonso King) and husband John Richard Allan have been the driving force behind POZ Toronto Awards for a number of years. It is a wonderful event, bringing together members of our community and HIV activists, for a night of celebrating good work, and some really beautiful entrainment. I have been honoured to receive an award in the past, and the frame hangs proudly on my home office wall.

Come with me as I have a quick chat with Jade Elektra and find out more about the Awards and the exciting move this year to hold the event at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

First great work, you know that I applaud you for taking the initiative to create this wonderful event. Tell us about the history of POZ Toronto Awards, and why did you start this?

I guess the main reason for starting the POZ-TO Awards was to recognize the people who continue to work behind the scenes in helping the HIV+ Community as well as ending the stigma of being HIV+. If we don’t uplift our own….who will? Plus, the event is also a fundraiser for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (and has also supported other local AIDS organizations).

Why is it important to celebrate those who do good work?

Hopefully it will not only highlight their work and efforts but also INSPIRE others to do what they can. Some of the kindness we show each other can be enough to help someone survive their day. I just wanna remind everyone that we all can be activists and end the stigma.

Tell us about the upcoming event?

Well, I’m very excited about this year’s event because it is being held at Buddies. This is the ideal space since it is wheelchair accessible. And let’s not forget the amazing stage and staff. Plus we have some amazing honorees this year….Bob Leahy, Christian Hui, Nik Redman, Shannon Ryan to name a few. I love bringing people together…..especially when it comes to bring awareness to our cause.

You have announced the list of 2018 honorees from what I understand?

I sorta mentioned a few above but I have attached the flyer with the announcement of this year’s honorees.

Thank you Jade very much for the chat, and everyone make sure to check out the event here and come out and support https://www.facebook.com/events/280800435884606/ and congratulations from theBUZZ to all the honourees. 

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