Show One Productions and Civic Theatres Toronto presents the international sensation Slava’s Snowshow, December 7 to 16, 2018 in the Bluma Appel Theatre at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.

Returning to Toronto for the first time in two decades, the scruffy, disarming troupe of Slava’s Snowshow clowns will take audiences on a spellbinding adventure, unleashing full-throttle madness amidst enchanting, contemplative moments, before roaring to its legendary finish. Audiences the world over have been utterly stunned by the iconic finale, a breathtaking feast for the senses that literally encompasses the entire theatre with copious amounts of “snow” sweeping over the audience and overwhelming the viewer in a blizzard of sensational snowbound delight.

After conquering the world’s leading cities many times over, Slava’s Snowshow, a visual and musical extravaganza, offers a dream-like vision that overflows with theatrical magic and humorous antics. The production is set within an absurd and surrealistic world of ‘idiots on the loose’, a work of art in which each scene paints a picture: an unlikely shark swimming in a misty sea; clowns and the audience tangled up in a gigantic spider’s web; heartbreaking goodbyes with a coat rack on a railway platform; audience members hypnotized by giant balloons; and an out of this world snowstorm that’s sure to leave audiences spellbound.

Born in a small town in central Russia, Slava Polunin discovered the art of pantomime in high school. As he grew to adulthood in Leningrad, he developed an eccentric version of the form, which he lovingly dubbed ‘Expressive Idiotism.’ From 1979 on, Slava quickly became a fixture on Russian stages and TV, sharing his gifts and continuing to redefine the art of clowning with his poetic and poignant approach to comic performance. This discovery would reach its zenith with Slava’s Snowshow, which burst onto world stages at the 1996 Edinburgh Festival to universal praise and wonder. Since its debut, the work has toured constantly, introducing new audiences and generations to its world of dreams, fantasies, and childlike wonder.

With every performance, this production achieves the impossible: It takes an audience of adults and returns them to a state of childlike wonder,” says Svetlana Dvoretsky, Show One Productions Founder and Producer. “In response to this show, I have personally witnessed audiences of all ages engage in the wild abandon of play; immersed in the rare beauty of this spectacle. I can think of no better gift to give to a loved one or to oneself during the Christmas season.”

The creator of Slava’s Snowshow, Slava Polunin is one of the great living minds in theatre and one of the world’s most famous living clowns,” offers Mark Hammond, Vice President of Programming at Civic Theatres Toronto. “

Slava’s Snow show has enormous universal appeal. It transcends language, age, geography, and presents an experience that is joyfully, fundamentally human and infinitely accessible.”

Slava’s Snowshow is the recipient of more than 20 international awards, including an Olivier award for Best Entertainment, a Drama Desk Award, and a Tony Nomination.

Toronto – Dec 7 to 16, 2018

Bluma Appel Theatre at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts , 27 Front St. E.


Montreal – December 19, 2018 to January 6, 2019

Saint-Denis Theatre – 1594 St Denis St


Phone 1.855.872.7669

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