I love Carla Collins, been a fan for a long time. She is both funny and sweet, and very charming that time I met her at a community function.

Many of us know her from appearing in numerous movies and television shows in both the US and Canada and performing comedy in clubs, theatres and festivals all over North America (Did you know she was named “Comedian of the Year” by the Southern California Motion Picture Council? I love it when our Canadian ambassadors show the world how good we are.)

Currently, Carla’s hilarious reality show Carlawood is streaming on Amazon Prime and she is a regular celebrity panelist on Super Channel’s Too Much Information. Collins just filmed her first US comedy special Refrigerate After Opening and she is one of the hosts of the new luxury travel show Jet Set. She is also a bestselling author of Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags, a comedic motivational tome and can be heard around the world on various Sirius XM stations, and she has two new comedy albums currently available on iTunes Mobius Stripper and The Best of the Worst of Carla Collins.

But you may not know she is also a fierce animal lover, Carla has been involved with the Toronto Humane Society for years and is an ambassador for World Animal Protection.

So you are coming back to good old Toronto. When was your last time here?

Yes, can’t wait to be back in The Six! It’s been way too long. I was in Ontario in July in Bancroft to host The Women’s Festival at the Grail Springs Wellness Retreat but haven’t done a club comedy show in over a year and a half. It’s high time I freeze a nipple off, I miss the burn and I have a bedazzled eye patch I’m dying to wear.

And you’re bringing us a new show. Tell us more, what, when, and the good stuff?

Yup, it’s called “Thank U, Sext” The good doctor Ted Morris hosting along with special guests Ben Miner and Paul Schmidt. It takes place Wednesday, January 30th at the legendary Rivoli 332 Queen West. Doors open @ 8pm. Let’s just say a year and a half ago I left my husband so I’ve been released back out in the wild and I now have so much tea to spill you’re gonna need to bring a Costco size roll of Bounty. Also, for awhile I was living with gay dudes on both coasts raising my already stellar fruit fly status to platinum.

How is Hollywood and LA these days, what is the topic there, what’s the gossip?

Hollywood is the usual mayhem, madness and mythical body parts. The big news continues to be the #metoo movement where basically half the male celebrities have disappeared in the past year like a politically correct Thanos snapped his fingers. That and Maroon 5 is the whitest band on the planet playing in Atlanta at the Super Bowl. Gotta stop wearing white privilege after Labour Day.

Should we talk American politics from a Canadian’s perspective, or should we not? (I am hoping the first part lol.)

Always, Canadians have the best balcony seats to this surreal Trump circus. I’m basically gonna be like one of the old guys from The Muppets throwing shade.

How can one get tickets to the show?

Go here: Thank U, Sext – An Evening with Carla Collins or get tickets at the door like a damn farmer. 🙂

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