Welcome to the bar next door as new comedy series Abby’s debuts March 28 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. As the first multi-camera comedy shot outdoors in front of a live studio audience, Abby’s is about the best neighbourhood bar in San Diego – home to low prices, good company and, of course, Abby (played by openly bisexual actress, Natalie Morales, Parks and Recreation).

 This unlicensed, makeshift establishment in Abby’s backyard is the perfect gathering place for locals to find camaraderie and sanctuary. To maintain the perfect bar ecosystem, all patrons must abide by a specific set of rules. This includes no cell phones (not even to look something up), understanding that earning a seat at the bar takes time to rise through the hierarchy, and knowing that losing a challenge may have some unpleasant and unpalatable drink-related repercussions.

As the bar owner, Abby has found her true calling, hosting friends and newcomers alike. However, her world is shaken when new landlord Bill (Nelson Franklin, Black-ish), who recently inherited the house, unexpectedly shows up citing all kinds of reasons why the whole venture is illegal.

The cast of regulars also includes Fred (Neil Flynn, The Middle), a fixture at the bar who is grateful for a place to enjoy a beer and conversation – and refuses to allow some bureaucratic busybody to disrupt his perfect refuge; Beth (Jessica Chaffin, Pitch Perfect 3), a harried mom living next door who can escape her home life while still keeping an eye on things from her perch atop a bar stool; Rosie (Kimia Behpoornia, Unicorn Store), the bar manager who prides herself on memorizing all 162 rules and regulations; and James (Leonard Ouzts, Master of None), the gentle, scaredy-cat bouncer who crumbles in the face of confrontation.

Watch ET Canada interview with cast members.

Viewers who miss any of the laughs can stream following the broadcast the next day on GlobalTV.comGlobal GO(available for Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV), and on demand. Additionally, all episodes are available to watch live on GlobalTV.com and Global GO by signing in with their TV service provider credentials.

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