Devout & Out is a three-part documentary series that focuses on openly queer individuals who have chosen to become or remain leaders in the Church, despite any trauma the Christian community has inflicted. Each episode follows an openly queer individual, documenting their journey in navigating their sexuality, identity, faith and the Church institution. We hear stories about their past and how they challenge the status quo today. These individuals are pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and challenging both secular and religious expectations of what it means to be living faithfully today.

Episode One introduces the audience to Pip, an openly queer priest working in the Anglican Church of Toronto. His journey began with a conservative upbringing, where Pip faced conversion therapy in an attempt to “fix” his sexuality. He then married and had children with his best friend, Kris, ultimately leading to their ex-communication from their faith community once they could no longer maintain the lie they were living. Their journey continues and the episode concludes with Pip, Kris and family finding a new home in a new faith community, where social progress is being made and where more and more queer identities are being included and celebrated.

Episode Two features Susan Beaver, a First Nations, United Church minister living on the Grand River reserve with her wife Tannis. Susan navigates the intersectionality of her identity as an Indigenous, queer, minister; the reality of her family’s internalized racism and shame as survivors of Residential Schools; the Church’s shortcomings in their movement towards inclusion of and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. In the wake of her father’s recent passing, Susan finds herself being nominated for the position of Moderator of the United Church of Canada.

Episode Three tells the story of Cormac, a trans-masculine, non-binary youth minister who after being outcast by their childhood church, shares the story of their beautiful romance with Claire, how they met and the impact they have made on each others lives. Now, Cormac has found their way back to the Church and is imagining a new future for young people, one that posits that our faith communities can be institutions of support and healing and that the road to exploring, discovering and becoming is possible without having to go through trauma

Devout & Out will be available at CBC Short DocsCBC Gem and the CBC Docs Youtube channel as of April 18, 2019

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