Every year broadcaster-producer-empresario Jaymz Bee celebrates his birthday with at least one fundraising event for charity. This year will mark his biggest yet with a series of simultaneous concerts held in ten rooms at Old Mill Toronto that will benefit Unison Benevolent Fund, an organization that provides counselling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community. 

Jaymz Bee’s Caravan of Music is a four hour event where hundreds of people tour the various rooms at Old Mill Toronto, taking in a few songs from each band in each room. Tickets (ie. a Passport) are $40 and get you into all of the rooms. As you exit the room your passport is stamped and those with completed passports (meaning those who have been inside every room at least once) are entered in a draw for some fabulous prizes at the end of the night. 

The night also features a VIP Gala Dinner from 6-8 pm with a special concert from Tom Cochrane and friends, including Andy Kim and Damhnait Doyle. Gala tickets can be purchased for $200 and ticket holders also have full run of the Caravan that goes from 8pm to Midnight.

Having helped shape the musical landscape for future generations of Canadian artists, Tom Cochrane remains one of only 3 male Canadian singer songwriters to have a diamond certified album in Canada (over a million copies sold). Mad Mad World is now around 1.7 million in Canada, and at over 3 million worldwide. Songs such as “Life Is A Highway” and “Lunatic Fringe” have been international hits and continue to garner much airplay around the world.

Throughout his career, Tom has thrown his support behind a wide range of worthy causes. He has traveled the world, including Africa 9 times and Asia twice on behalf of World Vision. He helped spearhead the Canada for Asia initiative, entertained our troops in Afghanistan, raised money for Parkinson’s research, has performed at Live 8, in Tears Are Not Enough, Young Artists for Haiti, and more.

About the Venue

Old Mill Toronto is a heritage boutique hotel with 57 deluxe rooms & suites complete with a luxurious on-site spa. The Old Mill 200-seat fine dining restaurant has been in operation for over 100 years and continues to provide live entertainment for your dining and dancing pleasure. Its rustic rooms and vintage charm transport you to moments in history while enjoying modern day entertainment.

Jaymz Bee’s Caravan of Music

A fundraising event for Unison Benevolent Fund
20 bands in 10 rooms!

Old Mill Toronto, 21 Old Mill Road 
April 15th, 2019 
$200 Gala Dinner 6pm
$40 Caravan 8pm


That gets you into 20 bands in 10 rooms over 4 hours. Every dime at the door goes to www.unisonfund.ca, a charity that helps those in the music business in times of crisis.

What an unbelievable night of live music. It’s like a week long jazz festival in one night. You have four hours and ALL THIS to choose from!

The Westminster Room

Alex Pangman (8pm and 10pm)

Barbra Lica (9pm and 11pm) 

The Ballmoral Room

Levon Ichkhanian Levant Trio (8pm and 10pm)

Ted Quinlan Trio (9pm and 11pm) 

The Garden Room

Big Rude Jake (8pm and 10pm)

Melissa Lauren and Nathan Hiltz (9pm and 11pm)  

The Drawing Room

Lily Frost (8pm and 10pm) 

Michael Dunston (9pm and 11pm) 

The Chapel

Jay Douglas and Eric St-Laurent (8pm and 10pm)

Bill McBirnie and Bernie Senensky (9pm and 11pm)

The Humber Room

John Finley with The Lou Pomanti Trio (8pm and 10pm) 

Barnes/Woldemichael Ehtiojazz (9pm and 11pm) 

The Victoria Room

Marie Goudy Quintet featuring Jocelyn Barth (8pm and 10pm)

Denielle Bassels Quartet (9pm and 11pm) 

The York Room

Silent Movies, live accompaniment. 

Ron Davis (8pm and 10pm) 

Robert Scott (9pm and 11pm) 

The Mill Room

The Willows Trio is backed up by bassist George Koller (8pm and 10pm) 

Nashville singer songwriter Joe Hash (9pm and 11pm) 

The Home Smith Bar will serve food and drinks all night, and bars will also be set up in the halls and dining room, so you can grab a drink while you race from room to room to see as many bands as possible! If one room is full, try back twenty minutes later and pick another room! Old Mill Toronto is an awesome venue. Come see for yourself – and bring your camera!

Jazz, blues, funk, country and soul … and even silent movies with live piano!

Also a jam room at the Home Smith Bar who will also be serving food most of the night. Heather Luckhart and Lisa Particelli take turns hosting jazz and blues jams till midnight!


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