They made headlines in Canada as beautiful, young, rock royalty, but nearly two decades later, Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) and Chantal Kreviazuk struggle, like most people, with their relationship. I’M GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART follows Maida and Kreviazuk as they write and record their first album together, I’m Going to Break Your Heart, offering an intimate look at one of Canada’s most prolific musical couples as they rediscover their passion for each other through music. On May 23, one-night-only screening events will take place at Cineplex theatres in 23 cities across Canada, followed by a one-week theatrical run at Toronto’s Carlton Cinema.  As well, the film will stream exclusively on Crave beginning Friday, May 24, 2019.

The feature-length documentary follows Maida and Kreviazuk to Saint Pierre and Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland in the dead of winter, a solitary French island where they begin writing their first album together. Experiencing a period of distance and tension in their 19-year marriage, they take the time away from the pressures of everyday life to focus on each other, embarking on their most challenging and fulfilling musical journey yet. Part therapeutic process, part creative journey, the film captures the raw and wrenching journey these renowned singer-songwriters took to find their way back to each other.

The writing sessions are punctuated by moments of inspiration and conflict, but working on the music also helps them to resolve long-standing wounds and heartache affecting their relationship. Viewers are immersed in the couple’s musical relationship, from the vulnerable early stages of presenting song ideas, to the moments of connection they feel performing in front of an audience.

The film provides an intimate look as the couple writes, records, and collaborates together, culminating with the recording of their debut album I’m Going to Break Your Heart, which the duo released under the moniker MOON VS SUN in March. The album was led by the single “Low Light”, which was released alongside a stunning video filmed in New Orleans. MOON VS SUN continue to tour throughout Canada in support of their album, I’m Going to Break Your Heart: Music from the Motion Picture, with shows scheduled in Ontario and Quebec this month.



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