I chatted with Sharon back in 2015 when she was releasing her album Perfect Stranger. I right away liked this energetic passionate artist.

Sharon Pereira is a 22-year old singer, songwriter and recording artist based in Malta. Having performed in many different venues all her life across Canada, the UK, and Malta, she has developed a strong personality both on and off the stage. Sharon’s music has been enjoyed and appreciated across the world. She is currently working on releasing her second original album, all produced by herself and her brother, Clive.

You recently wrote, recorded, and filmed a video for a song about suicide called Bullet. What inspired you to want to want to do this?

I admit that producing a song like this with such a deep message behind it wasn’t easy. It’s a very sensitive topic which not a lot of singer’s sing about. However I wanted to be different and help out those who have ever felt suicidal or know of someone who felt like this. Not being accepted in society, being bullied, feeling like an outsider… these are mostly what people feel. Two reasons that got me inspired to do this song… Firstly, I had a friend who felt like this and I wanted to find the best ways to help them. It can be the only help they have around that’s being offered to them. Also, what inspired me was a particular biography from an 80’ TV star, Todd Bridges. His story is so moving!

What do you hope the song’s affect will be on listeners?

I hope this song will spread awareness. If anyone feels like that they are the only ones who have ever felt like this, it’s important for them to know that they are not alone. I hope that not just as an artist but also as a friend I can be of help to anyone who wants to speak to someone!
Music is a very powerful medium, and very powerful when it used to address important social issues.

How do you see your place in the world as a musician?

As a musician, I sometimes like to tackle these sorts of sensitive topics in my songs. They are events that are happening in our world 24/7. It’s a message to spread across that people don’t just feel sadness from a heartbreak but also from wounds that are too deep to heal and talk about. I hope that as a musician, a lot of my songs can be ones others can relate to.

Let’s go back and chat about some history and background. Tell us about your journey with music?

My journey with music started at the very young age of 5 years old in Malta. I was born and raised in Malta. At the age of 10 I moved to the United Kingdom with my family for three years where I decided to expand more on my music career. After this, I moved to Canada for 7 years. This was a great opportunity also to spread my music around the Greater Toronto Area and also in hope that my music can help out with people who dealt with Bullying and to people in the LGBTQ community. For the past four years I have been living back in Malta and continuing with my music with singing at hotels and releasing new original material.

It’s important for everyone to feel like they belong in this world. Everybody has a special kind of story and they should make the most out of life.

Thank you Sharon and al the best.

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGmZ6GZ1b7Vljv39SgKkceA
Website https://www.sharonpereira.com

Watch the video for Bullet here


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