NY-based experimental artist and producer Dandelot (DON-de-loh), aka Kevin Shoemaker, has released his new single and video for “Tutu”. Merging a bouncy hip hop beat with a classically influenced piano loop, “Tutu” is an upbeat, catchy tune that channels Dandelot’s experience as a classically trained ballet pianist in New York. The visual doubles down on the ballet theme, featuring three ballerinas choreographed in unison with the beat, as well as Dandelot in his trademark blue face paint. 

His unique approach is on full display as he incorporates choreographed ballerinas dancing in unison to the beat. The minimalist style, interspersed with stunning close-ups of the dancers highlights his imaginative approach to creating highly conceptual music. 

Discussing the inspiration behind “Tutu”, Dandelot says: “I thought it would be cool to take something that I might play in a ballet class and make a beat out of it, so that bouncy keyboard part at the heart of the instrumental is exactly that. You could hear the beat played during a combination in any ballet studio. It evolved from there, but I still feel like dance is at the center of the track and of course, the video.”

A true artist’s artist, Dandelot chooses to wear blue face paint during performance – concealing his identity to ensure the focus is on the music, and not him. The move is also a nod of appreciation to some of his favorite artists including Daft Punk and Bon Iver who also perform under a separate persona. 

Listeners can expect more from this groundbreaking artist very soon as he has a string of upcoming singles and an album due out in the new year. 

Dandelot (DON-de-loh) is the musical project of Kevin Shoemaker, an emerging artist who draws heavily from a background in classical piano and composition. His auteurist approach to music making casts him as the songwriter, producer, performer, engineer, and visual director of his work. Emanating from a small writing studio in downtown Brooklyn, Shoemaker is the consummate perfectionist, wielding DIY with a control freak’s precision.

Prior to working on Dandelot, Shoemaker first gained recognition as a pianist, being featured in the NY Post and WQXR, as well as playing for various esteemed New York City dance institutions, such as Mark Morris Dance Group, Lincoln Center, The New School, and Ballet Tech. He also began composing for film and television and working on hip-hop production for local acts. His solo work on Dandelot, in many ways, is a culmination of all these various sounds and styles. Drawing from stylistic heros like Daft Punk and Kanye West as well as a firm foundation of classical composition, Dandelot is a unique intersection of influences, styles, and tastes. 

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