POSI VIBEZ  is taking over Glad Day Bookshop on Friday September the 13th and throwing a party with Feel Your Fantasy to celebrate the launch of Dylan Berryman’s new zine of collages SALVADOR DISNEY.

~*SALVADOR DISNEY*~ Dylan Berry’s new zine of collages explores Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s ill-fated 1945 collaboration, Destino. In honour of the zine, Destino will be screened all night. Arrive early for a 1940s cocktail hour, then get even more surreal with an all-night dance party featuring The FranDiscos and drag performances by Łady Kunterpunt, Silencia, Joee Smith – Manny Dingo, and Dylan Berry.

Artist statement:

In 1944 animator Walt and surrealist painter Salvador Dali began work on their first – and only – collaboration, the animated short film Destino. Eight months in, production was halted. WWII hit Disney’s finances hard and the project was shelved. Long after both artists passed away, the short was finally completed in 1999. This collection of analogue collages is inspired by the union of Disney and Dali. At first glance, this is an unlikely partnership: one’s shrewd capitalist, the other’s a fine artist. In truth, each artist fits both descriptors. Disney was a pioneer in the art of animation, while Dali appeared as a product pitchman in television commercials. The images that were used for source material were selected to best represent each artist’s brand. Dali’s signature landscapes and religious imagery are juxtaposed with Disney’s instantly reconizable characters to draw attention to how Disney’s work is revered in popular culture. Drawing on iconography from two lifetimes of work, Salvador Disney explores the legacy of a pair of artists who broke new ground at the intersection of commerce and art and poses questions about the way we remember the iconic duo behind Destino.

Dylan Berry is a Toronto-based performer and artist. You can see him perform every month at Amateur Strip Night Judged by Drag Queens at ROUND Venue and he’s kind of a huge troll.

$5 at the door, free if you serve a head-to-toe LEWK!!

$10 for zines at the door, or order here.

More about Feel Your Fantasy
Inspired by the ultra masc world of fantasy sports, FYF styled our RuPaul’s Drag Race fantasy league as the gender bending bizarro universe version of the fantasy football league your cousin Gary won’t stop talking about. In 2017, we decided to spread our sparkle with the launch of Feel Your Fantasy the zine. Our goal is simple: we’re funnelling our fandom into stories and art about drag. Issue 3 comes with a guide to running your own Dragula league! Feel Your Fantasy is a group of drag superfans who make zines, run fantasy leagues, put on shows + document drag culture. Download all our zines free here.  

More about POSI VIBEZ

POSI VIBEZ Collaborative Music & Arts Society is an interdisciplinary art collective and not-for-profit organization founded in 2014 focusing on empowering and educating through cooperative initiatives. Our mission is to create a positive and equitable space that includes and honours the voices of womxn, people of colour, Indigenous people, and the LGBTQ2SIA community. 

**** POSI VIBEZ is a registered nonprofit & interdisciplinary art collective that seeks to create safer spaces centred around inclusion, acceptance and positivity. No oppressive or disrespectful behaviour will be tolerated. POSI VIBEZ only! ****
Glad Day Bookshop is totally accessible, but feel free to contact POSI VIBEZ if you need any assistance. There is a gender neutral washroom on the main floor that is wheelchair friendly.
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