ScrapFest is a multicultural, immigrant friendly indie music series showcasing alternative artists with varied geopolitical backgrounds and a common outsider perspective. The platform seeks to bridge cultural differences by showcasing artists with a shared queer inclusive narrative. Actually, we just want to have to have fun. “Live loud queer and proud. The future is in full colour.”

See below for the full line up of entertainment.

Urvah Khan & The Scrap Army:

Headlining artist Urvah Khan was born in Karachi, Pakistan and arrived in Canada with her family as a teenager. The daunting task of fitting into North American culture as a non-conforming foreigner was at times overwhelming. This backdrop has shaped Khan’s path as an artist, and has furnished a desire to provide a safe performance environment for artists who share a similar experience. Currently Khan resides in Toronto and over ten years has gained a worldwide following through her performances, online music and video releases. Her unique story and musical style have been recognized by BBC, CBC, Noisey/ Vice, as well as Sports Centre LA (during the Winter X Games,) among many other prominent outlets. Come watch Urvah Khan celebrate her origins with the release of her debut Urdu album entitled; Muhajir (the Immigrant songs), as well as perform her scrappy rock versions of childhood favourite Bollywood classics. Joining her on stage will be her live band, The Scrap Army; Ruben Huizenga on guitar, Ken Griffin on drums, Oriana Barbato on bass & Anita Katakkar on tabla.

Sing Bandana Singh:

Sing Bandana Singh is a Toronto-based alt/rock singer-songwriter with influences that range from Hole to Susheela Raman. Distortion and aggression are a large part of her sound. The music itself is focused on intersections, meetings and mergers of what are sometimes antithetical elements of the identities and the communities that make her, including rock elements such as distorted guitars and full drum kits with tablas and more classical elements of North Indian musical traditions. “I am a daughter of diaspora twice over, being Indian, born in Fiji and living in Canada. I’ve always felt the tension of being made of many things. Music is how I make sense of this tension.” Sing Bandana Singh’s forthcoming triptych of EPs, “Strength”, “Beauty,” and “Shimmer,” focus on building new narratives of loss and trauma, sexuality and femininity, celebration and renewal.

MangHoe Lassi:

Humza A. Mian aka Manghoe Lassi is a queer Canadian-Pakistani who currently resides in the GTA. He is a Registered Veterinary Technician who works in the downtown core, and a drag queen who has made a big splash on social media over the last two years. The focus of his drag is to bring awareness to the existence of queer Desi folk and breaking the chains of toxic masculinity that hold so many queer Desi’s back from expressing themselves. With the help of brands run primarily by PoC, Humza has branched into the world of commercial makeup artistry and is currently focusing on representing brands that encourage diversity and inclusion. His most current drag looks can be seen on his Instagram page (@_humzer) and are heavily influenced by his cultural background.

Host: Jeff Woods

The most talked about Jeff Woods attribute is his voice. It has been heard on radio and television for decades. Jeff’s career continues to be about communication and he is known for sounding as though he’s speaking just to you, despite the fact that his reach has extended to a weekly audience exceeding one million listeners. Beyond talking on the radio and television as a host or a guest, Jeff’s presence continues to extend to commercial voice-over and narration, and to the stage as an MC and speaker. Woods has been at the center of conversation and context around music for 30+ years. He was the creator and host of The Legends of Classic Rock, heard internationally over 14 seasons. His many one-on-one interviews include David Bowie, R.E.M., The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne, The Band, Pearl Jam, Carlos Santana, Metallica, The Doors, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and so many more.


Sur Sangum Foundation is a Toronto based organization dedicated to building communities through encouraging cultural exchange, promoting traditional and contemporary creative expression and deepening appreciation of the arts and heritage. ‘Sur Sangum’ literally means ‘harmonization of musical notes’. Together we celebrate a commitment to preserving the rich musical and artistic heritage across cultures and fostering interfaith, interracial and multicultural harmony. To date, the organization has presented more than 70 emerging and established musicians, instrumentalists and performing artists at concerts, festivals and private events.

ScrapFest – Saturday September 28, 2019 – 6pm to 9pm

Maja Prentice Theatre – 3650 Dixie Road, Mississauga



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