Drag culture is sashaying its way into the mainstream and with RuPaul’s Drag Race expanding its franchise to the UK, Canada, Australia, Thailand and Germany it’s only getting bigger. But many are asking when will it be time for the drag kings or the AFAB (assigned-female-at-birth) performers to take to the stage and get the same recognition.

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, a cult hit reality series produced in association with OUTtv (Canada’s LGBTQ television network) have announced the winner of season 3 to be drag king, Landon Cider.

Landon Cider, who out of drag goes by the name Kristine BellaLuna is the first drag king and AFAB performer to win a TV reality competition in North American. The first drag king in the world to win a reality series happened last year on New Zealand show House of Drag after Hugo Grrrl took home the crown.

This win is a step forward into a new era of drag, a change that pushes the boundaries and demands representation from all facets of drag culture, taking drag kings and all other forms of drag from the fringes and into the mainstream.

OUTtv’s hit show The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula continued to make history as they announced drag king Landon Cider the winner of season 3 of the hit reality show. Landon Cider is the first drag king to win a drag reality competition in North America beating fellow finalists Dollya Black and Priscilla Chambers to the title of Next Drag Super Monster and a $25,000 cash prize.

Hailed as one the wildest drag competitions, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula is notorious for pushing the boundaries of drag and offering a queer counter alternative to the traditional drag mold. This season, 11 monsters battled it out to prove their skills in costume design, special effects makeup, acting and performance art. The weakest monsters from each week went head-to-head in a fear-factor style challenge to prove they deserved to stay in the competition. Extermination challenges this season included: tattooing, jumping out of a plane and the stapling of dollar notes to the body.

 This season, the Boulet Brothers broke new ground as they welcomed Landon Cider, the first drag king and Hollow Eve, the first AFAB performer to take part in a North American reality TV series. Other contestants included: Canadian performer Yovksa, Dollya Black, Evah Destruction, Louisianna Purchase, Maddelynn Hatter, Maxi Glamour, St. Lucia, Priscilla Chambers and Violencia Exclamation Point.

 To us, drag is punk, drag is political, drag is in your face… it makes you uncomfortable and challenges your views and offends you,” said Dracmorda Boulet, one half of The Boulet Brothers. “We’re looking forward to bringing you an uglier and more disgusting season next year. Watch this space uglies.”

 “The Boulet Brothers Dragula is a show that has proven again and again that drag doesn’t always have to fall back on to tradition and that it certainly doesn’t matter what gender you are,” said Brad Danks, CEO of OUTtv. “We look forward to working with The Boulet Brothers as the show continues to grow and highlight all facets of drag through their monstrously brilliant show.”

 The Boulet Brothers Dragula season 3 is available in its entirety on OUTtvGo, the networks streaming platform, along with all previous seasons.

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