One of the biggest annual dance festivals is almost upon us. Montreal’s Black & Blue takes place from October 9th to the 15th. I had the pleasure on chatting with two exciting DJs who will be getting us dancing this year, and I asked them a few questions.

DJ Stephan Grondin

Stephan Grondin love for music started about the same time he was able to walk, and he had his very first residency was given to him at the young age of 17 years. He is a DJ and producer working on a national and international scale. From Stereo in Montreal, The World and Celebrities in Vancouver, Salvation and Score in Miami, Trade and the famous Ministry of Sound in London, the Circuit Festival in Barcelona, to premier clubs throughout the world including Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Guadalajara and Monterrey in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Florianópolis in Brazil, New York, Detroit, Stockholm, Seoul and Taipei, to name a few. He has produced many of his own tracks including the Muchmusic Video awards nominated Wake Up and the incredibly popular track Enjoy. He has breathed new life into numerous songs and has twice found his remixes at the top of the US Billboard dance charts, for Barry Harris Dive in the pool, Suzanne Palmer Luv 2 Luv and Joe Jonas Love Slayer.

Stephan Grondin is performing at the Uniform Ball on Saturday October 12.

Hello Stephan. Is this your first time playing Black & Blue?

No I have certainly played the festival in the past.

When did you spin before at B & B and what do you like about the festival?

I have done the Black & Blue festival I think close to 5-6 times at least. I did a few openings for the main event, and recovery event. I also did pre-parties for BBCM, in Canada, the US and Europe. But It’s been quite a long time since I have done one, so I am really excited about this year’s event.

What vibe should partiers expect at your party?

A feel good vibe, playing a mixed of different styles of music. So it makes it special and different from regular club night.

What got you to be a DJ? What does music mean to you?

My Father got me into music from a very young age, and I never stopped since. I am so lucky to have been able to live from my passion for the last 35 years, and counting :-)) I love music.


DJ Lady McCoy

Lady McCoy has been spinning in Montréal for 20 years. She started with Hip-Hop because “that’s what Lesbians mostly liked”, but quickly added House music to the mix “cuz I loved it”. She had residencies in all the lesbian bars in the Village as of 1999 (Sisters, Magnolia,Lips,Drugstore, and Metro Lounge). She also made her way to Sky Complex twice a week for about 7 years and then to Cabaret Mado’s where she has been since their opening. She has randomly worked at Unity and Parking over the years. She did a set during the Outgames in 2006, an official afterparty for Bal en Blanc that same year, and she has worked for Fierté Montréal a few times, but this year, she had my biggest gig ever; she opened the Mega T-Dance during Pride for Las Bibas from Vizcaya and Tom Stephan, and “it was amazing”. Currently, she does a T-Dance at District Video Lounge every Sunday and 2 nights a week at Mado’s. She us also a full time graphic designer for Fierté Montréal.

Lady McCoy is performing at the Twinkle Party on Friday October 11.

Hello and same question as Stephan, is this your first time playing Black & Blue?

No I have played a couple of times before.

When did you spin before at B & B and what do you like about the festival?

I did a woman’s Sex Drive party in 2003, two Girls Military Balls in 2004 and 2005 at Metropolis and two Launch Parties at Sky in 2006 and 2007.

I also have attended the B&B 4 or 5 times and loved them. I felt free, loved the music. And the year when they had the Aids ribbon made of candles at the entrance was breath taking. I have chills remembering the sight of it all. Beautiful.

What vibe should partiers expect at your party?

People should expect happy, sexy, vocal and tribal House. I like it when the bass grabs me by the hips.

What got you to be a DJ? What does music mean to you?

I started learning back in the day on vinyls cuz my girlfriend at the time was also a DJ. It was fore fun but one day I had to fill in for an absentee and people liked it so I was hired. I got my own night once a week and then it evolved from there.
Music for me is emotions. It either heals me or takes me by the hand on a trip. I like most genres without true preference. It basically makes me feel good.


Photos of past Black & Blue events below courtesy of theBUZZ

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