This all-new series from STARZ,set on iconic Cape Cod, follows one woman’s journey to sobriety, intertwined with an unfolding murder investigation. Jackie Quiñones (Monica Raymund, CHICAGO FIRE), a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent, has her free-wheeling life thrown into disarray when she discovers a body on the beach – another casualty of Cape Cod’s opioid epidemic. As a result of this trauma, Jackie takes the first steps toward becoming sober— until she becomes convinced that it’s up to her to solve the murder.


This one delivers more than expected from the typical murder mystery series, with not only the plot twists and turns, but also lots of eye candy and LGBT representation. Based in and around Province Town, there’s plenty of queerness to be found, and the acting by this all-star cast definitely lends to the series credibility. Monica Raymund leads the way as a Fisheries Service agent/wannabe detective/party gal who jumps in and out of bed with different women on a frequent basis, until one day she begins to evaluate her lifestyle of casual sex, booze, and drugs. 

Detective Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) takes the lead on the murder investigation, working with other officers and detectives, as he takes a hard line approach to not only solving this case, but tackling the opioid epidemic that’s out of control. Along the way, he runs into various town folk who all have some connection to the underground world that most visitors to P-Town would have no clue was operating right alongside the party atmosphere. After season two, we realize that not everyone is who they appear to be, as Jackie succumbs to her friend Junior’s (Shane Badger) comforting ways, not realizing he maybe involved with many of the wrong doings in town. While not a totally riveting drama, the series does provide an excellent story line that should carry well through this limited series.

The series also stars James Badge Dale (ONLY THE BRAVE), Riley Voelkel (ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO, THE ORIGINALS), Shane Harper (CODE BLACK, HAPPYLAND), Amaury Nolasco (PRISON BREAK, DECEPTION), Atkins Estimond (THE RESIDENT, LODGE 49), and Dohn Norwood (MINDHUNTER, THE SINNER).

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