Are You Ready to GET DRAGGED?  Queen of camp, Elvirus, brings us a new episode of her web-series #GetDragged every Sunday with a LIVE chat on her YouTube Channel!  The show is loaded with laughs, twists, roasts, and queens so gorgeous that you’ll want to take them home and put them on a book shelf so you can stare at them all day.

Take a look at this list of fabulousness! Tina Coladas, Francesca Fierce DeLusty, GoGo Fetch, Phantasma, Satine Itza, Stelia Mann, Sammi Nilla, and Betty Whitecastle will all drag each other until there is only one is left standing. And if the competitors, or as Elvirus likes to call them “competi-whores”, aren’t entertainment enough, there are many surprise celebrity guests as well, like the iconic Jackie Beat, legendary Hedda Lettuce, and the spooktacular Bunny Galore.

Don’t forget to subscribe to THE REAL ELVIRUS on YouTube.  You definitely do not want to miss out on this exciting new web series.  Get started now with episodes One and Two

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