What are your plans this Pride Month? Sitting home and watch Tiger King on Netflix (again)? We say no way to that! Don’t let social distancing dampen your rainbow this June. Find creative ways to celebrate with your friends, whether that’s virtually or in-person (while following social distancing guidelines).

Why not host a virtual kiki with your friends over cocktails? Pop on some great music, mix some delicious drinks and let the juicy conversations begin!

“Melitta is all about family! Sharing special moments with your loved ones, building connections, and celebrating togetherness. Spread the love this Pride Month with Melitta Coffee.” Ian Buckingham, Vice President, Melitta Canada.” Ian Buckingham, Vice President, Melitta Canada

Melita has put together a list of great cocktail recipes that match up with your different friends’ personality styles. A fantastic way to make sure your guests are happy and well-hydrated during your safe-distance social get-togethers.

Melitta Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

The Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is like your oldest and most trusted friend. It’ll always be there to keep you energized and act as the base for your future endeavors. Just like any great best friend, it mixes well with others, is incredibly smooth and is useful to bring along to any party situation.

Cold Brew Libre

Think of the Cold Brew Libre as your wild and fun friend! No good party is complete without flavour and zest – and this cocktail provides both in spades. Just like your “fun” friend, the Cold Brew Libre is sure to be the life of the party.

Cold Brew Powered Strawberry Mojito

The Cold Brew Powered Strawberry Mojito is like that your friend that’s sweet, optimistic and looks on the bright side of life. Just like your friend, this cocktail sparks joy and positivity wherever it goes. Try a sip and tell us that it doesn’t bring a smile to your face.

“Coffee makes a great mixer for any occasion. Here at Melitta we are always working on new and innovate ways to pair coffee with your favorite food and drink. We hope these recipes will delight and surprise you with the variety of ways you can add coffee into your next social event!” Dan Pabst, Coffee Expert and New Product Development Manager at Melitta.

Dan has also provided a really fantastic recipe for the perfect Iced Coffee that would work well for your Pride Month hosting.

 Melitta Iced Coffee – No Scale Required

  • Fill your coffee mug with ice cubes
  • Place Melitta Pour-Over on top of your coffee mug
  • Brew coffee following your usual recipe – but use only half as much hot water as you normally do.
  • By the time you are done brewing, all the ice will have melted and you will have a perfectly brewed and chilled cup of coffee.
  • Add more ice, cream, sweetener to your preference after brewing.

More recipes can be found here.

 Don’t forget to order a bright, colourful Heritage Pour-Over to showcase your pride throughout the year.


  1. Drinking coffee is a ritual for most Canadians

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