The Clowder Group are presenting two of their wonderful documentary films for viewers to enjoy by making a donation below to help support the company in completing their next feature. Join cast and crew after these on-line screening events  that both take a historical look back at the early lives of LGBT individuals. 

Reel In The Closet is our award-winning feature documentary about home movies made by queer people dating back to the 1930s. This documentary shows the work of many individuals and archivists throughout the United States who work effortlessly to preserve LGBT history that may otherwise be lost forever. By way of digitalizing old reel-to-reel and VHS recordings, they are now able to be saved for future generations. This one-hour documentary captures the process, and the people behind it, by way of interviews and film clips. Not only does it show there was an happy LGBT lifestyle for many as far back at the 1930s, but there were also movements brewing for equal rights years before the Stonewall Riots happened. This should be watched by anyone old enough to reflect back on these times, or anyone too young to not remember.

The film will be followed by a Q&A featuring filmmaker Stu Maddux, Professor Susan Stryker, and cast members John Raines and John Carr.

Screens June 20, 8pm EST

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Gen Silent follows aging LGBTQ adults who go back into the closet out of fear of discrimination. Another great film that spotlights early queer life via interviews and archival footage. Older couples and individuals give their personal account of what it was like growing up in the 40s and 50s, and it wasn’t all bad. There were the obvious struggles that we all hear about, discrimination at work, isolation, and fear of coming out. This film looks at the way various people have dealt with getting old, and the challenge of going “back in the closet” upon having to go to an senior home. While advances are being made to accommodate LGBT individuals within the general aging population, there’s still steps to be taken. The film is quite moving, and sometimes emotional, as these people open up their personal lives for us to see.

Q&A will be hosted by the Assistant Director of the LGBT Aging Project Bob Linscott with a panel featuring, filmmaker Stu Maddux, the Director of the LGBT Aging Project Lisa Krinsky, and a ten-year check-in with cast member Laurence Johnson.

Screens June 27, 8pm EST

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Both screening events will be hosted on Crowdcast, and will be completely free, however donations are encouraged. All funds raised will help support the completion of their next film, All The Lonely People, about the modern epidemic of loneliness and isolation, 

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