Benjamin is described as a charmingly offbeat gay romantic comedy about a mess-of-a-filmmaker juggling the anxieties and excitement of his upcoming film premiere with the fear and awkwardness of a burgeoning romance. Written and directed by British comedian Simon Amstell who peppers this charming, laugh-out-loud funny tale with hilariously deadpan one-liners and a scene-stealing cast of supporting characters.

Benjamin’s (Colin Morgan) life seems like it may take a turn for the better when he meets cute French musicians Noah (Phénix Brossard). Billie (Jessica Raine) adds a lot of the most comical one-liners, as Benjamin’s publicist/confidant.

The film feels so real that viewers almost can feel as if the actors are their friends.

The film features original music from James Rightton from the English band, The Klaxons. 

The film premiered at the BFI London Film Festival 2018, and was released in select UK cinemas in 2019, which in the film itself has Benjamin’s latest film premiering at BFI. It will now be available for North American audiences to stream starting August 25, 2020.

Release Date: August 25, 2020

Benjamin has had a few years pass since his award-winning debut film, and is now quite skeptical that his second feature won’t live up to his first, so much so that it overwhelms his every move in life with self-doubt.

The drug scenes of weed and mushrooms

Benjamin’s writing partner Stephen (Joel Fry) appears to have had an indiscretion with Billie, who wishes to conceal this from her boyfriend Harry (Jack Rowan), an up-and-coming actor who starred in Benjamin’s new film but is now hurtfully headed for better and more prestigious things.

There’s a great walk-on from Ellie Kendrick as a performance artist: that comedy standby stereotype into which she breathes new life. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett comes close to stealing the whole thing with a superbly acid cameo as Benjamin’s disaffected ex.

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