1. Pride Afrique, the first pan African virtual pride, is a timely opportunity to curate African LGBT stories and leave them in the cloud for future generations. These stories are meant to be a testament to vibrant afro-queerness that cannot be erased. It is an important platform to speak with one voice that various shades of queer Africans do exist.

2. Pride Afrique is a statement to power, visibility and in protest against the draconian laws that criminalize LGBT persons in many African countries by among other means broadcasting African queer beauty and humanity to the world. Pride Afrique seeks to capture the various shades of three dimensional, well rounded African queer stories. We are parents, teachers, rain-makers, healers, academics, among others. We are in the sands of time, and in the promise of tomorrow.

3. Pride Afrique is built on the voluntary work of queer people across disciplines, nationality, generations, and creeds on the continent and in the diaspora working tirelessly online with no external funding.

4. Pride Afrique is a three days online event centred on diverse voices, actions and stories of queer Africans. Whether it is the story of Tunisia’s first openly gay presidential candidate; the story of Rikki Nathanson who sued her government and won; or the story of a mother walking hand in hand with her queer son. The goal is: uplifting African queer stories.

5. Pride Afrique will spotlight and celebrate life with its ups and downs: victories, laughter, traumas, resilience, possibilities, love, sex, and secrets of queer Africans and the tools available to them for healing as they celebrate their ancestors.

What you can do to be part of the endeavour use Pride Afrique Facebook picture frame. Send a one minute (max) video of solidarity to prideafrique@gmail.com Follow Pride Afrique on Twitter, Instagram or like Pride Afrique on Facebook. Promote the event. Use the hashtag #PrideAfrique2020

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