In times of strife it’s important to have someone by your side. Whether it is a shoulder to cry on or a source of confidence, a best friend or a distant lover, these five tales from Mexico, Brazil, France the UK and the Netherlands prove that the search for companionship is a journey worth taking. Five quality short films from the cream of the film festival crop, now at your fingertips. Directed by Samuel Montes de Oca León, François Barbier, Maria Augusta V. Nunes, Joe Morris, Claire Zhou

My Mother’s Lovers

Luisa has a habit of bringing her dates home, irritating her son, Cesar. When Cesar invites his best friend Pablo over for a sleepover, Luisa’s flirtations become too much to bear, especially as Cesar has his own feelings towards Pablo.


The drinks are being poured, the music is turned up – Estelle is expecting a typical Saturday evening of dancing and wild behaviour. But then she never expected to meet Sacha. A force of nature that doesn’t take threats lightly, Sacha turns the night on its head in this energetic and surprisingly profound tale of seeming opposites in a moment of tandem.

Only What You Need To Know About Me

Teenagers Laura and Fabio meet at a skate park and their friendship blossoms into something deeper. But when Laura disappears without a word, Fabio tracks her down to uncover the reason why.


Caught between a dysfunctional family and living on the streets, Tat desperately attempts to hold on to Jack, the only companion he has left. ‘Junk’ is a rough and realistic take on a relationship between two boys caught on the fringes of society.

High Tide

Tarik, a 32 year old Moroccan man, spends his time alone in a holiday cottage in the forest to gather his thoughts after divorcing from his wife. Shortly after his arrival, Jonas, the owner of the cottage, comes over to make some repairs. From that moment on, Tarik is confronted with feelings he has been suppressing his entire life.

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NQV media is a distribution company formed out of New Queer Visions, a short film ‘bolt on’ that successfully programmed LGBTQ+ short films for five years across numerous film festivals, including London Short Film Festival, East End Short Festival and Shortwaves Festival in Poland.,

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