Spinster takes a comical look at the old-school terminology that referred to unmarried women. After her partner breaks up with her on her 39th birthday, Gaby (Chelsea Peretti) tackles her fears of loneliness as well as preconceptions of what it means for a woman to be single. Gaby  is a caterer who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As she approaches 40 she arrives home and catches her boyfriend of three months moving out. He admits that he only intended their relationship to be a fling and was never truly attracted to Gaby. Gaby is depressed but her married best friend Amanda reassures her that she still has time to marry and have children.

Encouraged by Amanda, Gaby awkwardly begins to search for a new man to enter a relationship with. After making a connection with one of her Tinder dates, Gaby is crushed when he leaves immediately after they have sex. After her disastrous date Gaby takes a break from dating and begins to consider what she wants with her life and begins living in the moment instead of putting decisions on hold to accommodate any future partners. After her father offers to give her the money he would have spent on her wedding in a lump sum Gaby decides to open a restaurant. After talking to her neighbour, a professor who never married or had children, Gaby begins to make peace with being alone and pursues her relationships with her family and friends.

While out on a hike Gaby finds a stranger, Will, who was lost in the woods. After rescuing him the two form an immediate bond and kiss; Gaby is disappointed to discover he lives on the opposite coast in B.C. Though Will wants to pursue a relationship with Gaby she turns him down deciding that she is happy with her life as it currently is. On her 40th birthday Gaby opens her restaurant named after her dog.

Amazing film with dark Canadiana humour, and a great cast. Chelsea Peretti gives a wonderful performance.

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