Work up a sweat from the soccer field to the locker room in these drama-fuelled four films from Germany, France and the UK that explore how rivalry between teams can spill over into teacher-pupil relationships, high school crushes and brotherly compassion. Starring Matthieu Lucci (The Workshop), Pierre Prieur (Bizarre), Harry Jarvis (The Knight Before Christmas), George Somner (Sex Education). From directors Camille Melvil, Fabien Cavacas, Laurent Lunetta, Peter Lee Scott and Ron Jäger.

Play It Like A Man

It’s summertime in the countryside. Loris and Thomas are fifteen years old. They spend their days playing football and escape boredom by carrying out pranks. When they steal their teacher’s mobile phone, they discover photos of young naked footballers in the shower. Loris seems to be the main subject of this voyeurism. Thrust headlong into an adult desire they cannot comprehend, they decide to go and visit his house…


In the aggressive and often hostile world of youth grass roots football Adam faces an ultimatum from the team captain when they discover Adam’s best friend Tom is gay.

Through The Fields

Lucas is 22. He plays soccer with his local club, lives with his parents, and doesn’t seem in any hurry to live a more independent life. His 17-year-old brother Théo is in his second last year of high school. He is attracted to boys, and has only confided in his brother. Théo’s difference from others forces him to live a secret life, and one evening, spurred on by his need for affection and despite his brother’s warnings, he decides to meet up with Harry, a man he has met on the internet.

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