Belle returns to her rural Nova Scotia home for her father’s funeral. Having caused her mother Nancy considerable consternation when she came out as a lesbian teen, Belle is now desperate to keep secret from her mother that she’s been in a relationship with a man for the last two years. Sofia Banzhaf (Closet Monster) stars in the leading role as Belle, a young woman whose sexual identity is fluid. Shelley Thompson (Trailer Park Boys) stars as Belle’s traditionalist mother Nancy. Bailey Maughan and Callum Dunphy round out the starring cast.

SPLINTERS is now available to rent digitally across Canada via  As part of the digital release, viewers can choose to support a number of independent virtual cinemas on the platform, including Halifax’s Neptune Theatre, Theatre New Brunswick, Sudbury Indie Cinema and Ottawa’s Mayfair Theatre. These are a great opportunity to support a local theatre and for those not in those areas, there is a link that is accessible across Canada to rent the film. A full VOD streaming release is available on November 1, 2020.

The award-winning film has played at numerous festivals across Canada including the Toronto International Film Festival, and was the Opening Night Gala Presentation for the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival. It stars Sofia Banzhaf (CLOSET MONSTER), Shelley Thompson (Trailer Park Boys), Bailey Maughan (OUTLANDER, Mr. D) and Callum Dunphy (Sex & Violence). The film is written and directed by Thom Fitzgerald (past winner of TIFF People’s Choice Award for THE HANGING GARDEN) and it is based on the stage play by Lee-Anne Poole.

On October 30th, East Coast music star Stewart Legere releases a new album, “To the Bone, Songs from Splinters.” The new album features songs and pieces of original score from the film. Legere appears in a musical role in the film, and also served as composer for the film’s original score. 

Other Fitzgerald productions to watch, include Sex & Violence, which is now in Season 3 on OUTtv, and the upcoming Cam Boy, also to be streamed on OUTtv.

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