Love Me is about love and relationships at three distinct times of life. How do people experience love and passion across different generations? A warm and humorous series about love, sex, fear and pain. A series about life, from start to finish.

Sten does everything for his wife, Kersti, who cannot take care of herself anymore. He books them on a luxury vacation as an anniversary present, but before they can go, he finds Kersti lying dead in bed. Their daughter Clara convinces him to take the trip alone and Sten doesn’t get any further than the terminal before meeting the colourful bon vivant Anita.

Clara is a chief obstetrician at a maternity clinic and wants nothing more than to find the right person and have children of her own. When she crosses paths with her hunky neighbor Peter, everything is turned upside down. But isn’t he a little bit too good to be true? And is Clara even ready to fall in love?

Her little brother Aron still lives at home. He is studying to be a lawyer and believes he and his childhood sweetheart, Elsa, are bound by everlasting love. When Elsa admits that she has been unfaithful, they break up and he realizes that real love wasn’t so far away after all – because his friend Jenny is right there by his side. But, just as sparks start to ignite between them, he finds out that Elsa is pregnant.

Are you still following? What transpires is a witty, dark humoured drama that easily flows from one episode to the next waiting to see the next twist or turn in the plot. Each character has an opportunity to fully develop on their own, while still remaining intertwined. As often the case when one loses someone close, Kersti never really disappears…literally. Sten is constantly hounded by his ex as he tries to build a life with Anita.

Meanwhile, his children continue in their search for love outside the parental unit. Clara is much older than Aaron, and not overly confident in wanting a relationship or now, while Aaron is a bit on the over zealous side.  Smart dialogue and authentic, true-to-life characters lend themselves to a feeling that this story is taking place here and now. The goal is to make the audience laugh, cry and even blush occasionally, all through a sense of self-recognition. Perhaps a Season Two will follow?

An American remake is in development at ABC from Life Sentence creators Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith; Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman’s Brownstone Productions; Welcome to Sweden co-creator/star Josephine Bornebusch; and Warner Bros. TV.

Love Me is Making its North American premiere December 24, 2020, exclusively on Topic with six episodes.

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