The Goddess of Fortune is the story about Arturo (Stefano Accorsi) and Alessandro (Edoardo Leo), who have been a couple for over fifteen years. Even though their passion and love have formed a close and important affection, their relationship has been in crisis for a long time. The sudden arrival of two children, left in their care for a few days by Annamaria, (Jasmine Trinca) Alessandro’s best friend, could give an unexpected turn to their tired routine. The solution will be a crazy departure for them both, but on the other hand, love is a state of pleasant madness.

This beautifully produced and acted film about friendship, love, loss, and new beginnings follows a couple’s fading love, as an old friend calls on them for help watching her two children. The friends are a gay couple who must learn to work together once again in this moving story about how love changes over time. Shot in stunning locations around Rome and Palermo, this heartfelt film mixes old traditions of love with contemporary ideals.

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