Trans actor J.J. Hawkins joins the cast of Charmed in season three. He will be playing a trans character in the show, which was filmed in Vancouver and streams on the W Network.

At the end of season two, the Charmed Ones and the magical world find themselves in certain peril as Julian affirmed to Aunt Vivienne that “whatever it takes,” he would bring her Macy. Harry and Macy’s newly cemented romance hangs in the balance after Harry asked Maggie to use her new power to change his feelings. With Mel’s relationship with Ruby at an impasse, will Mel ever find true love? And is the destruction of the sisterhood inevitable, or will the Charmed Ones conquer the Conqueror? The answers to these questions will unfold and chart a whole new journey for the Charmed Ones as Maggie pursues her career ambitions, Macy returns to her science roots, and Mel’s activism is reignited.

JJ Hawkins proudly hails from Antioch, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born into a Mormon family six generations deep (on both sides), which was wonderful until him being transgender became pretty apparent at the age of four. After a childhood and adolescence attempting to ignore said gender and reconcile this with his family and religion, he schlepped off to the Mormon Mecca for college: Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. JJ did some necessary activism there alongside some necessary secret-keeping, and graduated not only with a healthy dose of trauma, but also a degree in Acting and Linguistics. JJ taught English in Florence, Italy for a bit before moving to Los Angeles and starting his professional acting career. Since 2015, JJ has utilized his talent, his queer niche, and his lifelong experience of rejection to be making strides in this industry far too barren of voices like his.

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