For anyone who has spent anytime watching Netflix, it’s most likely that you’ve seen something that Ryan Murphy has been involved with. With an unprecedented deal valued at $300 million, the streaming provider created the most lucrative TV pact in history. How many of his productions below have you watched?

Murphy has long had an affection for outsiders, that began with Popular, Nip/Tuck, and the hit series Glee that debuted in 2009. He continued on with American Horror Story in 2011, one of the first series to function as an anthology, reimagining the show anew each season. He’s also had his hand in American Crime Story, The Normal Heart, The Prom, Pose, Boys in the Band, A Chorus Line, Halston, The Politician, and more recently Hollywood and Ratched. Then there are the documentaries: A Secret Love is about a closeted lesbian couple who came out in their 80s. There’s also a “big, flashy 10-part series” about Andy Warhol. There’s still more! He told Time Magazine, “Jessica Lange and I are working on a piece about Marlene Dietrich in Vegas in the early ’60s.”

With such an astonishing portfolio, along with six Emmy Awards , a Tony Award,  and two Grammy Award nominations, it’s no wonder that Murphy has been cited as “the most powerful man” in modern television, and the force behind “bringing marginalized characters to the masses.”

In 2017, Murphy launched the Half Initiative, which aims to make Hollywood more inclusive by creating equal opportunities for women and minorities behind the camera. Less than one year after launching Half, Ryan Murphy Television’s director slate hired 60% women directors and 90% met its women & minority requirement. In conjunction with the hiring goals, the Initiative launched the Half-Director Mentorship Program in which every director on every Ryan Murphy Television production mentors emerging women and minority directors through pre-production and post-production along with offering a significant stipend for their commitment. Filmmaker Kristin Fairweather, the first recipient of a HALF award, described her experience in an interview with Screen Comment’s Rudy Cecera.

Originally from Indianapolis, Murphy now lives in Los Angeles with his husband David Miller, and their three children. Subscribe to Netflix to get your fix of Murphy-Mania.

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