From Bridgerton to The Crown, some of the most popular Netflix series have impressed us with their beautiful interiors and juicy storylines. As part of a new study by Essential Living, colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain and relationship expert Jen Kaarlo give us a deeper insight into the interior designs of our favourite shows, and whether they help spark romance in the bedroom.

Bridgerton- Blue and Gold Boudoir Bedroom

When Bridgerton first graced our screens back in December, it immediately sparked the return of an unusual interiors trend not seen since the 19th century. Fans are still embracing the Georgian furniture style, and throughout the series, we notice refined blues used in the glorious floral embellished empire dresses of the Bridgertons and other ladies of the court, and these are also incorporated in their beautiful boudoir bedrooms.

Momtaz says, “your bed is the central feature of a boudoir bedroom. A rich jewel-toned velvet bedspread will complement the theme while soft cushions should always adorn the bed. A mixture of pastel blue and gold suggests royalty, spirituality, and magic. All aspects that enhance a luxurious setting.”  

Relationship expert, Jen Kaarlo reveals a couple’s home can affect their relationship during the best of times. “One tip I love to share is to pull out your nicest bed linen, light your favourite candles, and put on a collection of your favourite songs. Once you’re under the sheets it’s a moment to embrace intimacy with oneself or their partner.

The Crown- Brave, Bold and Beautiful

The fourth season of The Crown not only brought headlines, heartache and drama to millions, but also had many of us wondering what it would be like to live in a palace.  Bringing us back from the late 1970s to the 1990s, our screens are filled with extravagant frills, florals and brave, bold and beautiful colours that just cannot be ignored.

Predicted bedroom trends for 2021 are moving towards warmer tones, such as reds, oranges and terracotta. Momtaz reveals that while these are attractive colours, they can be over-stimulating when you’re trying to unwind. “Within the orange spectrum, the best shade for a bedroom would be a soft apricot. It’s warm enough to be uplifting and welcoming, yet light enough not to distract. The pinky undertones in peach promote romance creating a room that has a gentle, whimsical charm.”

If colours are too bold in your bedroom, this can impact the quality of sleep and your overall mood. Kaarlo, tells us your bedroom isn’t just where the magic happens. She likes to think of the bedroom as a “cocoon and believes that it always allows for the possibility of a brighter day ahead”. She advises couples to keep screens out of the bedroom, whether that be a phone or a television, as it’s all too easy to get distracted and get in the way of moments of intimacy.  

The Queen’s Gambit- All about florals

Set during the Cold War, The Queen’s Gambit follows chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, on her quest to become a worldwide chess champion, and one thing we notice is this ‘Grandmillennial’ styling, introducing that ‘granny chic’ look. While many might feel floral print is outdated, you can create a luxury aesthetic when colour, texture, and patterns coordinate to create a bedroom that is bold and beautiful.

To recreate this look, Momtaz suggests using a floral wallpaper as a feature wall, an oversized velvet headboard in similar colours, and introducing plain bedding to neutralize these combinations. Pastel colours will work well here to neutralize florals such as pastel pink, mint, or lilac, maintaining a tranquil equilibrium. While these colours are calming, they won’t promote romance as much. Rooms that feature a mixture of dark and light shades create a more palatial look. Experts suggest purple is the classic boudoir colour for promoting passion.



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