The Goddess Day Arts Festival is a not-for-profit women-run festival celebrating International Women’s Day, featuring women artists from different genres. Read below on how the event was brainstormed into fruition in 2019, and how the current team is continuing to make things happen despite the current challenges of today. This year the festival will be presented in three separate acts, with the first one taking place virtually on March 28, and the following two acts in June and December.

Joie Lamar ~ Founder

I think like many women I have watched, and even attended, a myriad of exhibits or festivals whereby male artists were featured, or at the very least the majority of the exhibitors. It has never bothered me, I should add, but it is certainly always in your face. And it is the persistence of what many think are little things that remind us of our inequality and the unlevel field we play in.

In 2019, I finally put these observations and thoughts to words when I discussed the vision of creating an annual event for women, all women, with my friends in Toronto. Cat Grant and I, almost immediately, went into planning mode and as if the spirits themselves deemed it to be so, the first Goddess Day Arts Festival was born. The four of us; Cat, her fiancé Nancy, plus my wife Natalie and I, went into action.

We somehow managed to book the venue, schedule the performers of every genre, curate the many artworks, book the caterers, and get the word out, in just 3 weeks. An event for women and by women that was a huge success ,and filled the venue to capacity, was the best confirmation of my early observations. I shared a vision but it is the power of many women that has taken the Goddess Day Arts Festival into its third year. We are a hardworking and very proud team but that statement, without Goddess Day, is what all women are.

Davina Hader ~ Board Member

When the first Goddess Day Art Festival was launched in 2019, Cat approached me to film the event and I have been the cinematographer for the festival since. And I recently became a board member of GDAF. As a feminist and strong advocate for women in the arts, especially in my field of filmmaking, which is largely male dominated, to me GDAF is not only an opportunity for women to showcase their arts, but also a political statement. During the pandemic, we are not able to do a live event. It is my pleasure to be able to film the performances, edit and livestream the programs for this year’s festival. Each artist is bringing her best to the event, and I feel privileged to work with such a talented group of women. Most importantly, it gives me great pleasure to know that this festival is women supporting women and providing a platform for our artistic voices, and expressions of our inner goddess.

Dierdree Glassford ~ 2020 featured artist and volunteer 2020

As a woman and artist in the GTA, the opportunity to share new works with an audience of supportive like-minded artists was incredible. I arrived in the GTA a little over a year and a half ago, having been pushed out of the States during the Trump administration, and had to restart my career from scratch. As an artist, being new to an area can be really daunting. Being a part of the Goddess Day Festival, getting to see how the festival came to be and volunteering my time to help, allowed me to really see the very evident love of this community of women and their allies. It was a beautiful medley of art from gorgeous paintings to book readings to singers and dancers alike. The entire day leaves you feeling invigorated, inspired, and truly part of a community. It was a damn good experience.

Cat Grant ~ Executive Director

It’s time for the 3rd Annual Goddess Day Arts Festival! The festival is usually a day long affair comprised of live stage performances, a gallery of fine art, delicious food and, at the end of the day, dancing and a DJ. This year we’ve had to adapt to the situation just like many other arts organizations, so were going virtual. What hasn’t changed is the festival’s focus on promoting new and seasoned artists together.

Last year’s celebration was glorious, we had a lineup which included Emmy, Gemini, Dora, Juno, Grand Prix Medal winners and nominees, as well as youth just starting their artistic journey.

We are a registered not-for-profit organization, and we strongly believe in paying our artists. This festival would not be possible without the generosity of our corporate and individual sponsors, ticket buyers and, of course, our wonderful volunteers who are greatly appreciated – thank you!

I am so honoured and fortunate to be the Executive Director of this wonderful event. I’m entertained and delighted every year, and I know you will be too! So without further ado, here’s the exciting bit for you, the 2021 roster below is divided into their appropriate acts. There will be a few surprises along the way too!

Buy your ticket here by clicking the PURCHASE button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Your support helps celebrate and support women artists. Enjoy the show!

Here’s a list of the plethora of talent participating this year that is truly not to be missed!

Act 1 March 28, 2021

Katey Morley ~ Singer/Songwriter

Bänoo Zan ~ Spoken Word Artist

Elizabeth Snell ~ Ariel Artist

Zoe Kin ~ Comedian

Jan Swinburne ~ Multimedia Artist

Sarah Hunter ~ Fine Artist

Krissia Valiente ~ Comedian

Samantha Windover ~ Singer/Songwriter

Act 2 June 2021 (Date TBA)

Mio Sakamoto ~ Dancer

Cindy Suter ~ Fine Artist

Dale Reid ~ Photographer

Bella M. Eurta ~ Juggling/Hoops

Shannon McDonough ~ Comedian

Stacie Tabb ~ Singer/Songwriter

& more!

Act 3 Dec 2021 (Date TBA)

DiAnne St. Rose ~ Spoken Word

Maria Ryan ~ Singer/Songwriter

Nickeshia Garrick~ Dancer

Ella Gorav ~ Clay Artist

Darcia Armstrong ~ Comedian

Crissy Burby ~ Indigenous Artist

Leah Allyce Canali ~ Singer/Songwriter

& more!

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