Rain Beau’s End is an intimate drama set in the late 1990’s depicting how a progressive lesbian couple’s relationship is tested when their adopted son is mislabeled with a genetic predisposition for violence. This film has the ability to unify so many women with overlapping parallel challenges, while showing the adversity and strength that many women face.

Rain Beau’s End is the story of a couple who throughout the film choose to challenge the labels, the misconceptions and the barriers that they experience on a daily basis as a prominent lesbian couple with an adopted child. It shows the challenges that parents go through, that lesbian parents go through, that LGBT people go through, that life throws at us all. It challenges us to look at the labels we apply to be, and to think about the impact and potential damage those labels can cause.

It’s an intimate lesbian family-drama situated in the late 1990s, depicting how the labelling of their adopted son affects a progressive lesbian couple’s relationship as they struggle to raise their family in the spotlight. The film tells a motherhood story starting when a prominent, progressive lesbian couple, Hannah Driver and Jules Paradise, adopts a child named Beau who is subsequently diagnosed with 47, XYY; which was believed at that time to make boys more prone to aggressive behaviour (and has since been disproved).

Hannah and Jules ride the rough journey of Beau’s apparent behavioural issues, and how it not only affects his life and the small community they inhabit, but most especially their relationship and their lives. As Beau gets older, and research of his condition grows, Hannah and Jules must face the reality of a self-fulfilling prophecy and the ghosts of their past.
Sean Young (Blade Runner, Wall Street) and Ed Asner (“Cobra Kai”, “Dead to Me”) star in the Tracy Wren-directed film, along with Janelle Snow, Amanda Powell, Christian Stolte, Melanie Chandra and Kirk Kelleykahn.

Rain Beau’s End is available on global video-on-demand (VOD) service LesFlicks on March 8, 2021 with a Watch Party.


Jennifer Cooney, Writer & Producer of Rain Beau’s End said: “The release of Rain Beau’s End exclusively on Lesflicks could not be a prouder moment for me, as both a filmmaker and a lesbian. I remember a time in my life when I owned every lesbian film ever made on DVD—and the collection barely took up any space on my shelf. So, to have a film that I wrote and produced be distributed to the world via a platform dedicated to the sharing of lesbian films is a mind-blowing honor, not to mention a monumental leap towards a greater understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. Every cast and crew member of this film led with their heart, all in service of this very important story about acceptance and the effects of labeling. Rain Beau’s End is the perfect film with which to begin our journey. With Love & Light, All Ways.”


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