In the thick of the ‘80s, the daughter of two happily married Communists struggles between fitting in at high school and upholding her family’s idealistic beliefs. The year is 1989, and while most of the world is celebrating the triumph of the free market — 15-year-old Dunyasha McDougald is most definitely not. With the Berlin Wall about to fall and capitalism soaring, her parents, two full-fledged Pinkos, are becoming even more entrenched in their Uber-lefty beliefs.

This would all be okay with Dunyasha… if it weren’t for one thing: this dutiful daughter has just started at a new high school and a desire to fit in as well as a yearning to understand this glittering thing known as “American pop culture” is winning out. This puts Dunyasha at increasing odds with her dad, Ian, 50s, a modern-day Don Quixote with whom she’s always been close. An idealist with a capital “I,” Ian drives a rusty Lada Niva – a Russian army vehicle — around their very conservative Toronto neighbourhood and has banned all forms of American media from the house.

So when Ian decides to throw his hat in the ring and run for election, it only serves to fuel Dunyasha’s anxiety. Will she fit in with the cool kids? Win the affections of Marc, the son of her Dad’s political rival? Or will she die of 1,000 little embarrassments instead?


The eight-episode (x 10 minute) series begins streaming Friday March 19th on the free CBC Gem streaming service. 

The Communist’s Daughter stars Sofia Banzhaf (Closet Monster, Bitten) as the titular character “Dunyasha”, Jessica Holmes (Air Farce) as “Carol”, Ryan Taerk (Wish Upon) as “Boris”, and with Aaron Poole (Most Dangerous GameSalvation) as “Ian”. The Communist’s Daughter also features performances from Nadine Bhabha (Letterkenny, This Hour Has 22 Minutes) as “Jasmine”, Kolton Stewart (Locke & KeyThe Expanse) as “Marc”, Zoe Cleland (Murdoch Mysteries, Reign) as “Tatiana”, Vieslav Krystyan (Future ManNikita) as “Oleg”, Chris Locke (Mrs. America, Workin’ Moms) as “Rod”, George Stroumboulopoulous (The Hour) as “Peter”, and comedian Neema Nazeri as “Cyrus”.

Created and directed by Leah Cameron (Coroner), whom the series is loosely based on her childhood. It’s executive produced by Lauren Corber (How to Buy a Baby), Josh Gal, Emer Connon and Cameron, with Natalie Novak of Natalie Novak Films (Falling) serving as producer. The webseries was among three winning projects at the Just For Laughs ComedyPRO annual pitch competition.

Corber is also the Founder and President of LoCo Motion Pictures. the production company behind the international Emmy Award nominated comedy How to Buy a Baby as well as My 90-year-old Roommate and Kidscreen Award winner Detention Adventure.  



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