Anna, (Dawn Olivieri), is 30, a bartender, beautiful, sexy and emotionally dysfunctional. Tired of life and planning to commit suicide, she begins making her own funeral arrangements. When Anna meets Sam (Wilmer Valderrame), the boyfriend of her neighbor, something sparks between them. The two quickly fall for each other. Just as Sam gently forces Anna out of her comfort zone and brings hope and trust back into her life, he moves back with his girlfriend, setting Anna back on track with her plan to end it all.


Quirky film on a serious topic that works. Suicide is very real, and it’s often a subject not discussed between individuals. So, for a film to tackle the topic head-on as the main premise of the storyline, is quite an accomplishment in itself.

It’s a slow moving piece, basically bouncing back between home and work spaces, with the two main characters and a few one-off and recurring secondary characters that give substance to the plot. Yes, it’s a story that deals with depression, but also one that deals with love, hope, and fate, as well as family, friendships and relationships.

Throughout the film Anna is seen going to work every evening, while packing up her belongings and clearing out her apartment in preparation for her departure during her downtime. The title of the film are the words written on an envelope carefully written with final after-life details. Wonderfully written, and believably acted, To Whom It May Concern drags on at points, but for those who watch to the end, it’s definitely a worthwhile watch.

Acclaimed actors Dawn Olivieri (“House of Lies”, “Heroes”) and Wilmer Valderrama (“From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series”, “That ‘70s Show”)  star in director Manu Boyer’s powerful TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,

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