Each week LGBTQ artists from around the world release new music only to have it go unheard, unplayed, and unknown. As members of a community who are often under-represented, it is vital that we know and support our artists as they write their place in history. Music is universal and can be a support and an escape, as much as it can be entertainment. So I’ll be introducing you to many, many new names over the course of the coming weeks, and if there’s an LGBTQ artist you think should be on my radar, I want to know! Drop me a message at info@qreview.ca

Chris Housman

As far as country music goes, Chris Housman is a hidden gem. Offering the best of Nashville twang, married with conscientious and thoughtful lyricism, he’s quickly changing the voice of country music. On his new song ‘Blueneck’ he bares it all. With heart in hand and a genuine vocal endearment he stands tall to acknowledge who he is, where he comes from, and that he believes in a better way and a better world for all.
Instagram: @chrishousmanmusic

Hijac ft. Kiry
Open Your Eyes

Let’s get right to it. If you want electro pop music with a Charlie XCX vibe that’s filled to the brim with the sizzle that your Saturday night demands, then Hijac is your ticket to the party. Partnered up with trans vocalist Kiry, Open Your Eyes is a non-stop adrenaline rush fusion of EDM love and euphoric day dream.
Instagram: @hijac_ @kiryodt

Live It Up

Is there anything better than a good upbeat fuel injected rock song? The obvious answer is “no there is not”.  That’s exactly what you get from LA based band KingQueen. KQ brings back the “fun rock” to music as lead vocalist Ina serves us some reminders of what made women of rock like Joan Jett such icons. Live It Up is the positive fist pumper that the pandemic ordered, and KingQueen is the delivery service we need. As an added bonus, Ina also hosts her own badass video show on OutAt.TV called “Rebel Buzz”. Be sure to check out the stellar guests Ina has on her show. Stream The Rebel Buzz on OutAt.TV

Hi, I’m Human

Affective and poignant, LEADR returns with new music to stop you in your tracks. His latest, the statement-piece Hi, I’m Human, tackles the effect that the violence of discrimination, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, and more has on our mental and emotional health, and how in the reality of it all we’re all human and it’s not too late to change. The song’s captivating vocals are enhanced exponentially by the visuals of the accompanying music video.
Instagram: @leadrmusic

Ci Majr

There’s no place for ego in this town! Artist Ci Majr brings bags of melody to this R&B and Pop infused bop that clearly lets would be suitors know that you had best be grounded or it’s the guillotine for you! All fun aside, Ci Majr is a truly exciting artist to emerge, and Guillotine lets us in on the talent level and keeps us coming back for more.
Instagram: @cimajr

Jak Woodlawn
(We Ought To Stay Away From) Beggarwood Park

Jak Woodlawn is that artist that creates the human soul soundtrack. You would expect to find any song including Beggarwood Park in a coming-of-age major motion picture and have it immediately transport you to a period of time in your life that is both nostalgic and comforting. Beggarwood Park and Jak Woodlawn will melt you into a reflective state of emotive bliss.

Instagram: @jakwoodlawnmusic

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