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PRONOUN – I Wanna Die But I Can’t (Cuz I Gotta Keep Living)
Everything about this track from Brooklyn indie artist PRONOUN – aka Alyse Vellturo – is boptastic (It’s a word, don’t judge me!). From beat to vocal distortion to that opening guitar riff…this rock anthem energy is what we need to throw a middle finger to the air of a world hell bent on keeping us running in circles. Think if Springsteen made bedroom pop. This is the first cut from PRONOUNS upcoming new EP OMG I MADE IT dropping in June. The EP is guaranteed to be electric but for now, devour I Wanna Die But I Can’t and put it On Repeat!


Crys Matthews – Call Them In
“This is what revolution looks like” sings Crys Matthews on new song Call Them In, a soulful call to action for change  and a passionate tribute to late civil rights legend John Lewis. Released on what would have been Lewis’s 81st birthday, Crys Matthews continues to deliver music for change and against injustice. There’s an ocean of hurt, sorrow, empathy, love, honor and hope in every song she writes and she picks up the challenge to carry on what was started and fostered by those who came before her. Indeed, this IS what revolution looks like.


ORÎ – Really Love Me
Young, fun with a knack for pop music on the run. ORÎ is part of a new wave of queer artists charging with fire out of Nashville. New track Really Love Me hits the mark with a building beat, soaring vocals and a supremely radio friendly infectiousness that deserves to see it elbowing its way through the pack to mainstream play.


Elina Filice & Neolithic – Everything About You
I mean, come on. This is pure magic. Vocals that straddle the line between beat poetry, spoken word and rhyme from two incredibly talented artists. There is a vision here that sees past the standard and peers deep into the sonicverse to pull out new storytelling approaches to delivering storytelling by carrying elements of yesterday into a sound for tomorrow. A next level vibe.


Drake Jensen – Pieces of You
Drake Jensen continues to be a driving force in queer country music. An artist refusing to be anything but his authentic self while keeping traditional country sounds firmly alive and in hand. New track Pieces of You is his first of 2021 continues to showcase the crooning talent of this music pioneer.


Carlos Guevara – Pin Me Down
The dial is turned past hot and all the way to inferno on Carlos Guevara’s new song Pin Me Down. Carlos has re-emerged and is ready to re-introduce himself with this sexually charged and confident musical self empowerment anthem. If you’re not sweating after the first listen, watch the video. And bring a towel.


The X Collective (Chloë Agnew, Zapho, Senita, Toshín, and Gemma Bradley) – WB
You’ll quickly realize 2 things once you press play: WB stands for “Wrong Bitch” and the X Collective have come to serve! Founded by artists Zapho and Emily Shaw, the X Collective is a new Irish platform that brings more than 70 artists together in support of artistry and skills. WB, performed by collective members Chloë Agnew, Zapho, Senita, Toshín, and Gemma Bradley, is the first single as an imprint tob released from their forthcoming debut album. The X Collective is something new that needs to catch on, as artists come together to support and lift one another up. 


Bobby Marks – If I Could Be Your Lover
Bobby Marks is more often found behind the scenes for other artists. But that needs to change as his latest release If I Could Be Your Lover more than proves. Deftly capable in production and writing, what he crafts in song is a sweet escape and an emotional tug on our nostalgic hearts. I would have given anything to have had a Bobby Marks and his music as a young teen trying to navigate my own emotional maelstrom. It’s important that our queer youth know they have young queer artists like Bobby Marks creating music they can see and hear themselves in.


Butterfly Feels & NOR KIN4LIFE – Go Down
R&B has new royalty and their names are Butterfly Feels & NOR KIN4LIFE. This dynamic duo have been bringing the heat, the beat, and the badassery the past year with consistently phenomenal releases. Go Down is just the latest is a long list of incredible songs delivered by this one, two punch TKO dynamo. Everything they lay down is pure fire.

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