Marq Evans groundbreaking music LGBTQ documentary “The Glamour and the Squalor,” follows the life of Seattle DJ Marco Collins, who worked at alternative radio station 107.7 FM “The End”.

Before the Internet made sourcing new music and rising bands a simple matter of keystrokes and RSS feeds, there was the radio DJ. No one epitomized this role like Marco Collins. He was the on and off switch for an artist’s potential career and was the gatekeeper credited for helping break many bands throughout the 1990s,  particularly around the grunge music scene that emanating from Seattle at the time. He’s credited for helping break the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Beck, Weezer, Beck, Chemical Brothers, and countless others. He turned his passion for music into a significant lifetime of work and battled some seriously determined demons along the way. 

Marco also happens to be gay, and still working in the music industry. This is his story. One of hard work, dedication, addiction, and perseverance. To be watched by any fan of music who wants to gain an inside look at how the music industry worked pre-Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Includes several interviews with musicians he helped bring to fame.

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