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Hello queer music fans, supporters and junkies! Are you ready to have your life changed? I hope so.

We all know that when it comes to LGBTQ representation in music, things are far from firing on all cylinders. “A” cylinder would be a start. But a lot of the heavy lifting rests on our shoulders. We have to be ready to support our artists and show the world the vast amount of amazing music being created and released from the global LGBTQ music community. And to do that we are making it easier by bringing the music to you.

Each installment of New 2U Queer MusiQ Revue will present some of the best and most recent new releases from queer music artists. All genres, all LGBTQ. No more wondering where to go to find great new queer artists. It’s right here. And there is no shortage of artists to discover.

To make it even more exciting there’s also our Out Loud Podcast and weekly Out Loud Radio Show for your listening enjoyment. Each week you’ll be able to access these shows right here and listen to new music, artist conversations and good, fun banter.

And yes, I take requests!

But the next step is up to you. We encourage you to share the music you discover with friends, introduce them to artists they may not have known existed. Let them know that there are queer country artists, queer rap artists, queer heavy metal artists. Together we can build a stronger, louder and more recognized community of music artists and see representation grow.


Out Loud Podcast Ep 59 Cover Image

Current Out Loud Podcast Episode:
Ep. 59 – Eurotrip
Out Loud hosts Kenney and Lola take listeners on an LGBTQ+ musical adventure with great European artists representing the UK, France, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and more! Experience Europe in a brand new way! Direct to your ears with no plane tickets required!

Hear it Now!


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The Out Loud Queer Music Radio Show
Presented by the Qreview LGBTQ Music Network
Tune in every week and discover a whole new world of music from the best LGBTQ artists around the world! Support Queer Music Artists!

Thursdays 9pm & 12am EST via CIOE 97.5 FM at communityradio.ca
Fridays 8pm Australia time via DRN1 UNITED at DRN1.com.AU
Sundays 12pm & 7pm GMT via Queerly Radio at queerlyradio.com

Upcoming Shows

April 8/9/11: Special Guest LA Pop Star Torrey Mercer
April 15/16/18: Special Guest South African Pop Star Armand Joubert


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