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We are sure getting closer to the Inspire Awards, which is streaming live on May 14, 2021 at 7pm. You can find it on Roger’s Media or Facebook through the Inspire Awards.

We caught up to the one and only Bif Naked!  Bif, is performing one of her big songs, “Love Myself Today”, which we all need to do.

Bif Talked about her song “Love Myself Today”, “Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the good we have within. We hear a lot of bad things from others, but we need to love ourselves. I had to remind myself every day for me to feel the love for myself. It is work especially during this pandemic, but you can do it and you need to do it. It is worth it.”

Bif Naked is giving you an amazing acoustic version of the song, which only shows you the talent that this artist has. She is working on her new album called “Champion”, which many rockers cannot wait to hear.

Bif naked has been in the top 150 Canadian Artists for over ten years now. She is diverse in talent, and a genuine kind soul that just wants the best for the world and the people in it. Coming off a recent release called “Broke Into You Car”, you cannot help feeling excited for what is to come.

Make sure to check out Bif Naked during the live stream of the Inspire Awards on May 14, 2021 at 7pm. There is a lot in one event, so do not miss out.

Why not watch it? What else are you going to do during the ongoing lockdown. It will make your day brighter! And nothing can be better then that. While waiting to see the Inspire Awards, check out the full interview with Bif Naked below.

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Geri Atrick

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