Hello Pigeon!

It is finally here, and this will be our last blog before the big INSPIRE Awards event on Friday May 13, 2021

We sat down and talked to the amazing Gavin Crawford.  You may know him from shows like This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, “Second City Toronto” and many more as well as on CBC Radio. Gavin is c0-hosting the Inspire Awards with Martha Chaves. I believe you could not get two better hosts for this amazing event.

Gavin and I talked about the awards, showering, zoom calls, Covid, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney and community.

“The show is going to be lived stream. I am going to be doing it live from my glamorous…sigh….this room. Which amazing zoom background will I use, who knows? Its looking to be a really hot show, with amazing performers. Not me, but others.” Gavin continued with, “We will make you laugh!”

Gavin is missing our community, and the interaction like so many of us. For many of us, this Awards event gives a sense of belonging to community while we cannot be together.

Make sure to tune in this FRIDAY at 7pm through YouTube and Facebook and get more details here.

Grab your drink, grab your popcorn, put your feet up and watch the Inspire Awards this Friday at 7pm EST.

See you there Pigeon!


Geri Atrick

Photo credit : Toronto SketchFest

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