Not sure what new music to check out? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We present a fresh assortment of some of the latest and best music and music video’s you need to know about. All from LGBTQ artists.Enjoy!

Lucy & La Mer – Ooh La La
Lucy &La Mer kill it once again with this retro infused gem that will burrow into your skull and settle in for a very long time. Take it walking or in the car, you’ll be hopping uncontrollably. And that’s a great thing!


Yesterday’s Youth – Walk Me Home
“Walk Me Home” is a song about our relationship to the truth. Ignorance may be bliss, but truth must always be freed and heeded—especially when it’s distorted by powerful interests’ agendas through mass media and educational institutions. Yesterday’s Youth implores us to find a way home through the haze of lies propagated by those who would control us. Should we get lost for too long, it may become impossible to get out.
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DANDELOT – Americana
One of our favorite artists at Qreview, Dandelot never disappoints! His cross creation approach of mixing multiple mediums and genres is always unique and innovative and puts pep in your step! You’re never sure what new creative expression you’ll get with a new Dandelot release, but you always know that it will serve! And new song ‘Americana’ is a bonafide bounce,


Butterfly Feels – Prove It
I’ve said it before and I’m gonna keep saying it, Butterfly Feels is one of the best artists around. The R&B versatility is top notch. The production and sound is next level. ‘Prove It’ is another smash out of the box and should be on everyone’s playlists. The Butterfly catalogue needs to be in your cart and you need to be on the way to check out!


Jxckson – Curiosity
Texas artist Jxckson has been building himself a very strong online following over the past year and he’s done it in part through consistent progression in his music and by extending himself far beyond the confines of streaming and into community engagement. Always one to show his fellow artists support, Jxckson has come full circle in a year of challenges, has rose to the occasion and has delivered the goods. The song and music video is a true Jxckson experience and shows the wonderful growth he has experienced along the way. 


David Hernandez – ily.
The new David Hernandez song ‘ily.’ is out and it is fantastic. BUT even better is taking in the song WITH the music video that features American Idol finalist David with none other than SYTYCD winner, the incredible Benji Schwimmer. Together they tell a story we don’t often, if ever, see. That of the complications and challenges of a queer relationship and working through the issues. The movement is mesmerizing and provides new space and representation for the dynamics and experiences of same sex couples.


AlexZone – Heaven or Hell
There’s no doubting that Chicago artist AlexZone will always come through with a solid drop. New track ‘Heaven or Hell’ delivers another slam dunk from the pop wonder. Alex isn’t racing his music out. He’s being very smart and clever with his production and seems to be using his time in between releases very well. He’s watching and listening to what’s happening with music and he’s doing the leg work to not only keep up, but in some cases stay ahead and out in front of the pack. And vocally he’s never sounded better. 


Don+ – DonStar
With a magnetic personality, smooth vocals and a deep respect and appreciation of R&B, Don+ is pure smoulder. ‘DonStar’ is the latest release from the rising star and shows that he knows who he is and where he’s headed. The 90’s R&B tones flow all over this record and the inspirations fuel a level of handling that energizes his admiration into creating true nostalgic energy that signals a renaissance of classic R&B.

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Andrew Muise – No Drugs
East Coast Canadian crooner Andrew Muise is an untapped talent just starting to blossom, but is filled with a storytellers heart and the boy next door charm. This matched with his relaxed music style and it’s a case of “when” and not “if” his star takes off for the skies. ‘No Drugs’ is part of a new double single that takes us to that space in time when friends look back at younger, simpler times pre-legalization and the easy connection in friendships.


Bentley Jones – One
‘One’ is a stellar song and music video from a stellar artist. Bentley Jones delivers a knock out celebration of pride, community, expression and love. Visually beautiful and captivating, the song itself speaks to the fact that you’re never alone. And that even if you experience the rejection of one community, you’ll be able to feel the embrace of another. ‘One’ is also the official theme of Miama Beach Pride 2021.


Mint Simon – Used For Love
Mint Simon is the new solo project from Michelle Bensimon (front person of Montreal’s Caveboy) and “Used For Love” is their debut solo single. And what a debut it is! All the brightness of those vocals we’re used to from a Caveboy track but delivered with this new Mint Simon style and swagger. Stepping out on their own Mint Simon says that “Used for Love is about indulging in pleasure. It is my debut single for my debut project and a full pop explosion of me diving into what feels like my musical/personal prime.”


Roney X – Let U Go
“Paradise”, the new EP from Canada’s Roney X is absolute gold and yields 7 incredible tracks including the magnetic ‘Let U Go’. This is a top tier release and needs to be in everyone’s ears. Canada has a new star in the making with Roney X.


Billy Mick – Leveling Up
Billy Mick is the consummate entertainer and gentleman. He excels beyond mere music. He brings everything in his arsenal to his craft to create an experience for his fans. Born to rock, shine and soar! New song ‘Leveling Up’ is the title track from his new album and sets the tone of believing in yourself aas you move through changes, acknowledging growth, taking yourself to the next level, and ultimately reaching higher highs. Billy Mick is pure Rock & Roll positivity!

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Pillow Fite – Playing the Fool
Eastern Canada is on fire these days! Halifax, NS’s Pillow Fite drops a new alt-folk beauty with new track ‘Playing the Fool’. This is your chilltastic summer eve drink in hand, heart on sleeve, eyes locked on that crush – new favorite track.


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